14 generations of TRA trains are under the same roof, celebrating the 100th birthday of Fan Garage together.

(Photo by reporter Liu Xiaoxin)

[Reporter Liu Xiaoxin/Changhua Report] Premier Su Zhenchang went to Changhua City today to participate in the celebration of the 100th anniversary of the fan-shaped garage. Seeing the classic picture of 14 generations of Taiwan Railway trains under one roof, Su Zhenchang said that Taiwan Railway should have a business mind, This grand railway event is made into a model train, which can be sold together or separately. I believe that after the corporatization of Taiwan Railways in the future, it will be more active, not just selling bento!

Su Zhenchang pointed out that the services provided by the railway will not disappear, but must keep up with the pace of the times and meet the expectations of the society.

Take today’s 14 generations of Taiwan Railway trains living in a fan-shaped garage as an example. You can refer to the practice of private fast food companies and combine consumer behavior to collect a whole set of toys or collections.

Therefore, Taiwan Railways can make 14 locomotives and fan-shaped garages into models, and can release one every month or every week, so that the public or railway fans can buy them separately, or buy them all at once.

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Su Tseng-chang emphasized that it is right for Taiwan Railways to combine Changhua’s special delicacies to launch the bento box with pork rice, but Taiwan Railways is not just selling bento, it should think about developing something different, just like Changhua’s fan-shaped garage, a national historic site, is the only one in Southeast Asia. The only remaining fan-shaped garage is the best cultural asset for the development of tourism. It is a scenic spot that domestic and foreign tourists must visit here, and products that can only be bought in Changhua. After the corporatization transformation in January, various resources can be used more efficiently.

Su Zhenchang pointed out that after the railway in Changhua City is elevated in the future, the fan-shaped garages will be dynamically preserved, and the elevated approach will be used to connect the main line and the fan-shaped garages. This is the right direction.

The total cost of the Changhua City Railway Elevation Project is nearly 40 billion yuan, and the central government will share about 3/4 of the funds, which is nearly 30 billion yuan. The rest will be shared by the Changhua County Government. He also thanked the county magistrate Wang Huimei for his willingness to bear the burden, and hoped that the follow-up will continue to accelerate related work progress to meet the expectations of Changhua County residents.

The Changhua fan-shaped garage celebrates its 100th anniversary, and the 14 generations of Taiwan Railway trains gathered together.

(Provided by Taiwan Railways)

Premier Su Zhenchang believes that the revitalization of Taiwan Railways is not just about selling bento boxes. For example, the 14th generation trains of Taiwan Railways gathered in Fanku should use their business acumen.

(Photo by reporter Liu Xiaoxin)