Over the past day, the Ukrainian military eliminated another 550 Russian



So, as of December 4, the total combat losses among the enemy personnel are about 91,150 people.

The data is being verified.    

This is reported by the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Thus, the total combat losses of the enemy from 24.02 to 04.12 are estimated to be:

  • personnel - about 91,150 (+550) people were liquidated;

  • tanks ‒ 2922 (+5) units; 

  • armored combat vehicles ‒ 5,892 (+6) units; 

  • artillery systems - 1,908 (+2) units; 

  • RSZV – 395 (+0) units; 

  • air defense means ‒ 210 (+0) units;

  • aircraft – 281 (+1) units; 

  • helicopters – 263 (+0) units; 

  • UAVs of the operational-tactical level - 1573 (+1);

  • cruise missiles ‒ 531 (+0);

  • ships/boats ‒ 16 (+0) units;

  • automotive equipment and tank trucks – 4,479 (+7) units;

  • special equipment ‒ 163 (+0).

Losses of Russia in the war against Ukraine

Military expert Mykhailo Samus believes that the


hopes to change the course of the war with Ukraine in its favor with a new wave of mobilization in Russia.

The second wave of mobilization may be greater than the first.

Advisor to the President's Office, Oleksiy Arestovych, emphasized that on the battlefield

, mobilized Russians do not distinguish between targets

, do not know where and how to shoot.

Military expert Dmytro Snegiryov said that the Armed Forces of Ukraine control all the main logistics routes that provide the logistical basis of

the Ukrainian contingent in Bakhmut.

And PVK "Wagner" changed tactics and switched to active defense. 

In a conversation intercepted by the GUR of Ukraine, the occupier says that the soldiers are dying because they are

not given cartridges for their automatic weapons.

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