Russia has harvested about $1 billion worth of wheat in Ukraine this year, NASA said, as quoted by DPA.

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The research, conducted by the US space agency along with several partner institutions, is based on satellite images and modelling.

According to NASA, about 5.8 million tons of wheat were harvested in the Ukrainian territories not under the control of the authorities in Kyiv.

Otherwise, a total of approximately 26.6 tons of wheat were harvested in Ukraine this year - significantly more than the estimated amount.

22 percent of the harvest was harvested in areas that are under Russian control, mostly in the eastern part of the country, BTA adds.

31.7% drop in grain exports from Ukraine in the 2022/23 season

While this year's output is down from the record 33 million tonnes recorded last year, it is still close to the five-year average of 27.9 million tonnes.

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