The prospective mayor of Taipei, Jiang Wanan, will take office on December 25th, but he will soon have to face the public security of the Big Arena, the follow-up of the market reconstruction, the flow of the MRT circular line, the development of Shezi Island, the transportation of Neihu, and the Taipei City Music and Book Center. problem.

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[Reporter Zheng Mingxiang/Taipei Report] Jiang Wanan, the prospective mayor of Taipei, will take office on December 25, but he will soon have to face the public security at the Big Arena, the follow-up of the market reconstruction, the flow of the MRT circular line, the development of Shezi Island, Neihu traffic, Taipei City Music and Book Center and other municipal problems; Jiang Wanan will meet with Taipei Mayor Ko Wenzhe to discuss the municipal handover. Members of various parties also put forward suggestions, calling on Jiang Wanan not to be "led by the nose" by Ko Wenzhe, and to resolve the mess left by Ko Wenzhe as soon as possible .

The Taipei Arena is about to be completed early next year. Democratic Progressive Party member Jian Shupei pointed out that Lin Zhoumin, the former Metropolitan Development Director of the Taipei City Government, raised many warnings against the public security review of the Taipei Arena after the tragedy in Itaewon, South Korea. Egg safety has attracted much attention from the outside world; Social Democratic Party member Miao Boya also appealed to Jiang Wan'an. In the past, Ke Wenzhe made many compromises with Farglory and sacrificed the rights and interests of citizens. The new mayor should not be "led by the nose."

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In addition, the MRT ring line project, which is related to the transportation of Greater Taipei, is facing problems such as shortage of labor and materials, and rising raw materials. As a result, such as the southern ring section of the project has repeatedly lost bids. KMT members Wang Xinyi and Jian Shupei both believe that Ke Wenzhe's public works construction during his tenure The unreasonable requirements for the construction period have deterred many manufacturers. After Jiang Wanan took office, he should re-examine the bidding conditions and try to promote the progress of major public projects as soon as possible.

Although Ke Wenzhe's proudest achievements in market reconstruction are in full swing, there are many hidden concerns. For example, the successful market bidder wants to terminate the contract with the city government due to the rise in raw materials. This may become a bad project; How will the Shezi Island development project continue? Jian Shupei believes that in the past, the Keshi government lacked local communication, and how to strengthen Jiang Wanan in the future will also become a problem.

Wang Xinyi mentioned that during his tenure, Ke Wenzhe had studied to relax the restrictions on mountainous areas compared with dilapidated old buildings, but at present only a draft is proposed. The renovation of many dilapidated old buildings, including Weizheng House, is imminent, and it is necessary for the new mayor to appoint a skilled person to implement it as soon as possible; Miao Boya reminded that before leaving office, Ke Wenzhe had to relax the surrounding area of ​​the MRT station, such as the MRT Jiantan Station case Even though many committee members objected to Guan Shan's approval, Jiang Wan'an must not accept it all.

Lin Liangjun, a non-party member, pointed out that Jiang Wan'an not only supports the restoration of the Chongyang pension for the elderly, but the blue camp even calls for an increase, but the relevant financial sources and whether it excludes other social welfare budgets must also be clearly explained to the outside world; Ke Wenzhe described it as a "bomb" Jiang Wanan should think about how to "defuse the bomb" because of the huge budget for the new construction of the Taipei City Music and Book Center.