Mount Semeru on Indonesia's Java island erupted today, blanketing surrounding villages with volcanic ash.


[Instant News/Comprehensive Report] The Semeru volcano in Java, Indonesia suddenly erupted at 2:46 this morning, and the volcanic ash as high as 1.5 kilometers rushed into the sky. When some residents fled, it was recorded that the village was almost covered by the volcanic ash. Without any sunlight, authorities said hundreds of people had been moved to safe areas.

According to comprehensive foreign media reports, Java Island is the most densely populated island in the area. It is known that the magma of Semeru Volcano has flowed into nearby rivers, and many villages have been covered by volcanic ash. No casualties have been reported so far.

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The "Twitter" platform spread wild images of residents fleeing. There was a man riding a motorcycle, and the surrounding area was not well visible due to volcanic ash, and the man's face was covered in volcanic ash. Residents also recorded that the sky was covered by black smoke.

Joko Sambang, head of the disaster management agency in Lumajang district in East Java province, said hundreds of people had been temporarily evacuated to temporary shelters or other safe areas.

In addition, Mount Semeru also erupted last December, killing 51 people, burning hundreds more and forcing more than 10,000 villagers to evacuate.

????Situasi Terkini Di Sekitar Semeru, hujan abu dan kondisi langit gelap, warga sudah mengungsi????

Stay Safe Buat Warga sekitar, Semoga Tidak Ada korban???????

— YBBA (@BolaBolaAja) December 4, 2022

Mohon Doanya semua untuk Lumajang, Erupsi Semeru sedang berlangsung. Di rumahku, seperti mendung mau hujan.

— NineInspire (@AnggraNing) December 4, 2022