In Russia, another convict who was recruited for the war against Ukraine in prison could be executed with a sledgehammer.

Before his death, the man told his wife that he was being taken to be shot because of "mass desertion in his company." 

The Russian publication The Insider writes about it. 

Convicted Viktor Sevalnev was recruited for the war against Ukraine in prison.

He agreed to kill Ukrainians because his son had already died in the war.

Thus, the man

decided to "take revenge". 

Sevalnev was appointed in the Luhansk region to lead a company of occupiers, as he had combat experience in the war against Chechnya.

At first,

the occupier was even rewarded

, but in November his company was defeated: some of the Russians were eliminated, others fled from the front. 

The wounded occupier was in the hospital, from there he informed his wife that

his own people were taking him to be shot


He said that for Shoigu and Putin, Russians

are "expendable material" and that he did not imagine the war that way and wanted to return to the colony, but they did not let him go. 

A few days later, the woman was informed that her husband had allegedly died at the front.

During the examination of the body, the representative of the Russian Ministry of Defense noted that the liquidated person had

blows on the head, characteristic of a sledgehammer.

The "Wagner" PMC renounced the murder of the invader.

Russian human rights activists believe that Sevalnev could be in another private military company, which also uses the methods of the "Wagnerians". 

Executions in the Russian army of occupation 

Earlier, Russian Telegram channels published a video of the execution of a recruited "convict" who fought as part of the "Wagner" PMK.

His head seemed to be smashed with a sledgehammer.

The video shows the Russians killing the convict. 

Russian human rights activist, head of the "Sitting Rus'" human rights organization, Olga Romanova, said that the fighters of the "Vagner" PMC executed not only Yevgeny Nuzhin, who was exchanged from Ukrainian captivity, but at least 40 participants in the war with Ukraine.

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