In Russian Kazan, a girl who went to a lonely picket with a poster "I love my dad" was found guilty of "discrediting the occupation army." 

The Russian publication "Meduza" writes about it. 

On September 24, Svitlana Poteryakhina went to a protest against mobilization in Kazan.

She brought with her a poster with the inscription: "I love my dad."

The Russian woman was detained and brought to the police.

There she was threatened with physical and sexual violence.

And when the Russian woman asked for water, they were advised to drink from the toilet. 

The Russian court fined a resident of Kazan 30,000 rubles and found her guilty of "discrediting the army." 

Mobilization in Russia 

At the end of September, Russian dictator Vladimir Putin announced a "partial" mobilization in Russia.

From 300,000 to 1 million people were planned to join the ranks of the occupation army.

Already at the beginning of October, it became known about the liquidation of Russian mobilized in Ukraine. 

The mobilized often complain about poor equipment and the fact that they are not properly taught how to kill Ukrainians. 

The command of the Russian troops hides the reasons for the death of those mobilized in the war, because a new wave of mobilization is ahead in the Russian Federation and riots in the army must be prevented.

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