French President Macron believes that if Putin agrees to negotiations, the West should consider how to respond to Russia's security assurances.


[Compiled Chen Chengliang/Comprehensive Report] "Reuters" reported that French President Macron said in an interview broadcast on the 3rd that if Russian President Vladimir Putin agrees to negotiate an end to the Ukraine war, Western countries should consider how to respond to Russia's security proposals. Guaranteed demand.

According to the report, French TV One (TF1) broadcast an interview Macron received during his visit to the United States on the 3rd. He emphasized that Europe needs to prepare for the future security architecture, saying that this means that one of the main points that Europe must respond to is Putin has been citing concerns about NATO advancing directly to Russia's doorstep and deploying weapons that could threaten Moscow.

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Macron believes that this matter is about peace in Europe, so it is necessary to prepare what can be done, how to protect allies and member states, and how to provide guarantees to Russia once Russia returns to the negotiating table.

The report mentioned that some people in Ukraine and Western countries strongly opposed any negotiations with Putin.

However, Macron's speech showed he supported Moscow's demand for security guarantees, which had been the focus of diplomacy before the Russia-Ukraine conflict erupted.

Both Russia and the United States recently expressed their intention to talk in principle. U.S. President Biden said that the main premise of the negotiation is that Putin shows his sincerity to end the war, while Ukraine believes that if Russia stops attacking and withdraws from Ukraine, the two sides can negotiate.

However, the Kremlin stated on the 2nd that Biden asked Russia to withdraw its troops from Ukraine before it was willing to start negotiations, and Russia refused.