Become a gray Chinese capital epic.

After the police raided "Jin Ling Pub" in the Yannawa area and found a lot of drugs

leading to the expansion of the Chinese capitalist behind the scenes

Until investigating the network of Mr. Du Hao

received Thai nationality

And until now, for more than 2 months, the police have tried to trace the network.

to pluck the wings of the Chinese dragon capitalist

who smuggled out illegal business in Thailand

  • The beginning of the gray Chinese capital epic

    It happened late at night on October 26, 2022, the Metropolitan Police Officer.

    They raided a suspected entertainment venue called "Jin Ling Pub" in Yannawa, Bangkok. Most of the tourists were Chinese.

    A lot of "happy water" type drugs were found, so evidence was gathered.

    and those involved at the scene to investigate

  • Important evidence found in "Jinling Pub", in addition to 35 luxury cars seized by authorities for verification, also found two safes, which are expected to be the key to solving the case.

    But then opening the safe

    That was opened with some clues that were hard to find.

    because only 120 baht was found with some old documents

  • Another important evidence of stalking to detect gray Chinese capitalists.

    is a luxury car parked in the pub area on the day of the incident

    Some luxury cars were found owned by a Chinese man.

    cause the officers to raid

    A luxury riverside condo in the Khlong San area, but the man was not found.

  • Tracing Gray Chinese Capital

    concentrated more and more

    When the police raided a luxury house in Rama 5 area, priced at 200 million baht, belonging to Mr. Du Hao.

    Chinese citizens who have acquired Thai citizenship after marrying a Thai wife

    A search of the house found nothing illegal.

    Du Hao's wife confirmed that her husband was prepared to turn himself in later.

  • Then Mr. Du Hao traveled to meet and clarify with

    "Pol. Gen. Surachet Hakpal" Deputy Commissioner of the National Police (Commander in Chief), but the police confirm the evidence.

    that can condone the aforementioned gray Chinese capital movement

    and opposing Mr. Du Hao's bail.

  • The tracing of gray Chinese funding

    began to become more and more pronounced

    together with coming out to unfold

    and interacted between "Chuvit Kamolwisit" who almost put up boxing in the middle of the police station and

    "Pol.Lt.Col. Santhana Prayoonrat" who brought information to reveal the gray Chinese capital.

    that are tightly linked in Thailand

    make the police gradually

    Clearing up the offenders to be more clearly punished.

  • The information released indicates that Chinese funds have donated to certain political parties.

    Most recently, Pheu Thai Party

    come out to clarify that there is no involvement

    Including trying to connect foreigners to buy houses in SC Asset Company's projects and referring to "Paetongtarn Shinawatra", a shareholder in the company.

    The aforementioned allusion had a political purpose, so he clarified that "Pae Thongtarn" did not know Mr. Du Hao.

    and is only a shareholder

    not a director of the Company

    It is not related to the sale of the house to any person.

  • epic gray china capital

    Thai people still have to cheer up and help police officers in their work.

    to wipe out such Chinese capital

    and regarded as an important lesson for society

    who still have to wait for the closing date of the case