Seeing Tainan City's prospect of developing a marine city, the yacht industry rushed into the Anping Guorui Shipyard to establish an affordable yacht club.

(Photo by reporter Wang Shuxiu)

[Reporter Wang Shuxiu/Tainan Report] Optimistic about the prospect of developing a marine city in Tainan, some yacht owners have rented 2,700 pings of idle space in the shipyard and set up a yacht club to separate the high-end market from affordable consumption. You can also go back and forth between Tainan and Penghu in one day to play island hopping, and seize the business opportunities of sightseeing in the ocean city.

The Tainan City Government has listed the development of Anping waterfront recreation as a key policy plan. After Yaguo Yachting Group entered Anping Port to invest in the development of the International Boat City, it introduced Nanren Lake Enterprises to invest more than 10 billion in Anping Port, planning to build the largest coastal area in the country. Integrated resort city.

In addition to the construction of the first cross-harbor bridge in Anping Port, which is about to start construction, it will be able to connect the strips of Anping Old Street, Sunset Viewing Platform, Deyang Warship Park, Eternal Golden City and other tourist attractions on both sides of Anping Fishing Port in the future.

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Now there are yacht operators who have spotted Tainan's vision of developing a marine city, and they have booked their seats in advance!

Mu Yachting, which specializes in yachting, has entered the idle space of Anping Guorui Shipyard and established a "boat club" to combine the yachting profession with Jinhai International Tourism to launch a water and land experience tour. extremely.

DPP South City Councilor Li Qiwei said that he is pleased to see businessmen investing in Anping; especially the focus is on parity, so that the public can also enjoy the fun of being close to the water in Tainan.

He said that Taiwan is an island country, and the Tainan Canal, harbor, and ocean conditions are unique. There is no reason why it cannot be developed. The key is whether it can be used properly. Now every holiday, various ships frequently come and go on the water in Anping. I believe that the future planning of the entire ocean city After completion, it will be able to attract more diverse tourist crowds, wait and see.

Pan Yanting, vice president of boating business, said that Anping has the advantage of developing sea tourism. In addition to traveling around Anping to appreciate the ancient city from a water perspective, yachts are not limited by fixed boat schedules, and can set sail at any time at a fast speed. Tainan and Penghu can be island-hopped in one day It's not difficult; Guorui Shipyard is located in an excellent location to enjoy the sunset, so it plans a variety of concerts at the pier, against the evening breeze and sunset, enjoys delicious food, and focuses on cheap prices, hoping to create a completely different type of sightseeing.

Hong Qixiang, CEO of Jinhai International Tourism, said that more than 100 people signed up for the first tour. This time, combined with the water tour, he called for famous food trucks and food, and invited artists to sing live. The World Cup was broadcast live in the evening. The public responded very well and looked forward to it. With the economic recovery in the post-epidemic era, Anping water tourism is bound to become one of the national focuses.

City Councilor Li Qiwei (middle) has long been concerned about the development of an ocean city in Anping, Tainan, and he is pleased to see that the industry has snatched business opportunities; on the left is Hong Qixiang, CEO of Jinhai International Tourism, and on the right is Pan Yanting, vice president of boating business.

(Photo by reporter Wang Shuxiu)

Anping Guorui Shipyard Wharf BAR has an excellent location to enjoy the sunset.

(Photo by reporter Wang Shuxiu)

The boat club has set up an industrial-style wharf, and launched a variety of land and sea itineraries in the form of alliances with different industries. Recently, it has also become a new base for people to gather to watch the World Cup.

(Photo by reporter Wang Shuxiu)