Former legislator Xie Xinni.

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[Instant News/Comprehensive Report] Legislative by-elections for the three constituencies in Taipei City (Northern Songshan and Zhongshan District) will be held on January 8 next year. KMT Taipei City Councilor Xu Qiaoxin and Kuomintang Legislative By-election candidate Wang Hongwei discredit and insinuate the DPP Candidate Wu Yinong for the by-election of the Taipei City Legislative Committee has ties to the underworld. To former legislator Xie Xinni, he pointed out that the boss of the "Tiandao League" that Huang Chengguo joined in the past was "Luo Fuzhu", and Luo Fuzhu's son "Luo Mingcai" is now a member of the KMT legislator.

Xie Xinni said in a Facebook PO post that she really didn't understand why Wang Hongwei questioned Wu Yinong as a gangster. The gang Huang Chengguo joined in the past was the Tiandao League. He said bluntly, "Rep. Wang can at best laugh at the infiltration of the DPP, but cannot accuse the DPP of being a gangster!"

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Netizens commented after seeing the post, "There are so many mafia brothers in the Kuomintang, and their family background is mafia, just ask one a day", "It was difficult for anyone who called us Yunlin to be the hometown of mafia to be elected", " Pointing the finger at the other party first can shift the focus, a typical beater shouts for help", "She is beating Wu Yinong now as a gangster, and she is undoubtedly copying the hatred value of Chen Shizhong. They think this trick is very useful, and they will continue to use it!", " Take the wind direction, label and throw dung, electoral strategy, and shift the focus of being elected as a member and a legislator."

Xie Xinni's Facebook post.

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