A confession caused a wave of reactions on social networks.

In an emotional Facebook post this week, actress Diana Dimitrova revealed that she was the victim of physical abuse 5 years ago.

Without mentioning the name of the abuser, the actress published on her official profile several photos taken after the incident, which show her injuries.

Dimitrova admits that if this had happened today, she would not have kept what happened a secret.

A Stolen Life actress was raped for a role

In an interview with Marian Stankov - Mont Deux from December 2018, taken exactly 4 years ago, the actress spoke for the first time about the violence she experienced, writes Nova TV.

"I have not been a victim of physical and mental violence just once.

First I think of NATFIZ - a person with a position, a person who is an educator who has power - to crush me for months.

To this day I have no answer what was the problem?

A man who works, offers excerpts from plays, wants to develop.

But at the same time, it does not do one thing - it does not stroke the ego of the teacher in question.

And at the same time, it was explained to me that I didn't understand," the actress told Mont Deux.

According to her, this psychological pressure continued into the second semester.

“Then I would condemn the academy.

Then a storm broke out.

It even turned one of my eyebrows white.

I had a white hair on my eyebrow – it sounds absurd, but the tension gives different reflections”.

They insist that Diana Dimitrova tell the name of the rapist in order to save other women

Dimitrova refuses to name her abuser.

"I hope he's watching the interview.

I want to tell him not to transfer his own complexes to work and to be alive and well".

When asked if she was a victim of physical violence, the actress answered: "Yes, I was."

In a very ridiculous way that I don't want to talk about.

But the important thing is that I am alive and well.

It wasn't attempted rape.

Sort of like slaps.

It was something more serious… a beating”.

The prosecutor's office is taking up the case of the violence against the actress Diana Dimitrova

Diana Dimitrova