In Ukraine, from December 5, the Donetsk, Odesa, Dnipropetrovsk and Kyiv regions will return to the stabilizing power cut. 

This was reported to DTEK. 

Energy experts noted that while the situation in the Ukrainian energy system remains difficult, four oblasts will return to stabilizing electricity blackouts from Monday, December 5. 

"The situation in the energy system remains difficult. Therefore, we ask you to understand possible deviations that may arise in order to balance the energy system of Ukraine. We are doing everything possible to make them as few as possible," DTEK reported. 

Rocket attacks on the energy infrastructure of Ukraine 

Russian terrorists have been massively shelling Ukraine's energy infrastructure since October 10.

The last large-scale shelling took place on November 23.

Then the occupiers fired approximately 70 rockets at our country, of which 51 were shot down. 

The Russians are trying to destroy our energy system in order to leave Ukrainians without heat and electricity in the winter.

Also, in this way, the Kremlin wants to force Kyiv to capitulate. 

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