Belarusian propagandists are not lagging behind their Russian colleagues.

A presenter on a Belarusian propaganda channel said that "Ukrainians started eating the bodies of Russians." 

This was stated by Belarusian propagandist Yevhenii Pustovoy at the state press conference. 

"Ukrainians are already really eating Russians. A dish that looks very similar to human bodies with flashy names - what is this? Isn't it Nazism or Ukrainianism. It's a technology of depopulation," declared crazy propagandist Yevgeny Pustovoy on his author's program.  

The Belarusian propagandist did not say what kind of "dish" it is and where it is served, but he was indignant at the "atrocities" of Ukrainians and called on Belarusians "not to succumb to such things." 

Russian propaganda 

Russian propagandists have been spreading fake information about Ukraine since 2014.

Our state is accused of all sins.

Many propaganda statements have even become memes, such as the story about the "crucified boy" or "8 years of bombing Donbas." 

Often, propagandists, trying to publish IPSO, but due to ignorance of the Ukrainian language and low-quality automatic translation, find themselves in embarrassing situations. 

Recently, there has been talk of collective responsibility for the genocide of Ukrainians at rosZMK.

Thus, propagandist Olga Skabeyeva scares the audience by saying that in the event of Russia's defeat in the war against Ukraine, all Russians will be threatened by the Hague Tribunal.

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