Netizens shared photos of a group of ants forming a circle, which aroused heated discussions among netizens, and some even thought they were sitting at the table for dinner.

(The picture is taken from the Facebook page of "Explosive Waste Commune No. 2")

[Instant News/Comprehensive Report] A netizen shared a photo in the Facebook group. In the photo, ants are in a circle.

Other netizens thought it was very different after watching it, and said with a smile, "Can't you see the campfire party?", "They are dancing the campfire dance."

The original po posted a post on the Facebook group "Explosive Commune No. 2", sharing a photo of ants in a circle, saying that the ants gathered in the living room. I don't know why they suddenly behaved so strangely, which made him suspicious." Is it to do tail teeth?"

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In this regard, many netizens also provided their own opinions, jokingly replied to "mysterious ceremonies of Zerg", "must be a cult", "wish to summon dragons".

Some people saw that besides the larger circle in the middle, there was a small circle of ants in the upper left corner, and they laughed and replied, "The table next to it is a children's table" and "The ones on the upper left are just responsible for serving the dishes", which aroused heated discussions.