The Russian army sent K-51 "chloropicrin" grenades to attack the Ukrainian army positions.

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[Compiled Chen Chengliang/Comprehensive Report] Ukraine accused Russia on the 4th that Russia used drones to throw K-51 chloropicrin (trichloropicrin Cl₃CNO₂) grenades at the Ukrainian army in the Donbas region of Udon.

This grenade is a chemical weapon in the Soviet era. It has a highly toxic substance and is a weapon banned by the Geneva Convention.

According to Ukrainian Pravda, the Navy Press Service of the Ukrainian Armed Forces released relevant news on Telegram, saying that "terrorist countries use prohibited chemical weapons - K-51 aerosol grenades. The defenders threw chloropicrin grenades. In order to protect themselves from the strong stimulating effect of prohibited ammunition, the Marines wore chemical protective equipment and kept their positions defended under chemical attack.”

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According to reports, the K-51 grenade emits a gas that makes people unable to breathe due to the smoke.

The K-51 was developed in the Soviet Union in the 1970s.

After the fuze starts to burn, a reaction occurs inside the grenade. The burning material increases the pressure inside the shell and breaks the bottom of the grenade, spraying a cloud of chemicals. The attacked enemy cannot resist and fire without a gas mask, because Reflexively, hands reach up to face and rub eyes, and inhalation of the gas can cause shortness of breath, coughing, and mucus-filled nasal passages.

The inside of this grenade is a substance called chloropicrin, which was widely used as a powerful tear gas in the past and can be absorbed by the skin, so even wearing a gas mask will be affected. If the concentration of this substance is too high Still deadly.

The United Nations Chemical Weapons Convention, which came into effect in 1997, and the 1925 Geneva Protocol both prohibit the use of chemical riot agents, including tear gas, as a method of warfare.

According to Ukrainian Pravda, in 2015, Russian terrorists also used this chemical weapon grenade in the battle for the Donetsk airport terminal.

Держава-терорист використовує заборонену хімічну

Хлорпікринові гранати з дронів окупанти скидують на наших захисників на Сході. Щоб вберегтися від сильної подразнювальної дії заборонених боєприпасів, морпіхи утримували свої позиції у засобах хімічного захисту.

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