Twitter netizen "Ms. Li is not your teacher" was followed by many people because of his enthusiasm for compiling information about the revolution, but his family was also approached by the Chinese police.

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[Instant News/Comprehensive Report] The recently famous Twitter user "Mr. Li is not your teacher" (hereinafter referred to as Mr. Li) who has recently become famous for compiling information on the revolution on white paper suddenly posted on Twitter today (4th) that he would not commit suicide. The statement aroused the concern of many netizens.

Mr. Li posted a series of posts on Twitter today. He first pointed out that "There are indeed some problems with my account now. Some friends said that I can't find my tweets or my account in the search, and it seems that some tweeters can't see me. , but I haven’t deleted tweets in bulk.”

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After explaining why the Youtube account was deleted, Teacher Li said, "Almost all journalist friends know what I look like. I showed my face in many text and audio interviews. CNN and Asahi Shimbun also did video interviews. I It’s my freedom to choose anonymity, I don’t want to show my face in front of the public, it’s as simple as that. Even if my photos are flying around, I will not show my face on this account, I think this is a normal thing in the Internet age.”

Teacher Li then solemnly stated, "In addition, I am self-regulated very well, I will not commit suicide, and I will not delete my account. If there is an accident in my life, my posthumous photos will be published by CNN reporter @yongxiong2008."

In a recent interview with Radio Canada International (RCI) and Deutsche Welle (DW), Mr. Li said that after he became popular on Twitter, the Chinese public security units immediately "visited" his family, "They have several police officers , It is said to be the director of the Public Security Bureau. They came to my house and found my parents. In fact, they mainly wanted to find out whether I had received money for publishing these manuscripts, and whether I had paid them for other people’s manuscripts. The other is that they wanted to Knowing if I’m a person or a team. It’s just some of those things.”

Deutsche Welle asked Mr. Li what his parents thought about his voice on Twitter. Mr. Li replied, "After they knew about it, they were also very worried about my safety, and they were very afraid that my life would be affected. .So they also hope that I will not continue to tweet. Then this afternoon (Dec. 3), as soon as I tweeted, they would call my home, and then the police would come. Their first time I found my parents on (November) 27th, and they have come to my house twice today.”

Under Teacher Li's statement of not committing suicide, many netizens left messages wishing Teacher Li to be safe or cherished. Other netizens said, "The police have found his home, and they don't know who he is? Go to the United States, it's safer than Italy." , "Even speaking outside the wall will be punished. It is estimated that it will be even worse inside the wall. The power of the party is beyond our imagination!"

In addition, I am self-regulating very well, I will not commit suicide, and I will not delete my account. If there is an accident in my life, my posthumous photo will be published by CNN reporter @yongxiong2008.

— Teacher Li is not your teacher (@whyyoutouzhele) December 4, 2022