Data from independent Russian polls show that Russian citizens still support Russia's military actions in Ukraine, despite growing war fatigue over the past six months.

This is stated in the daily analytical report of the American Institute for the Study of War (ISW).

According to a survey published on December 2, the independent Russian sociological organization "Levada Center" found that 74% of Russians support the actions of Russian troops in Ukraine. 

The survey showed that 42% of respondents "strongly support" and 32% "somewhat support" the actions of the Russian Armed Forces in Ukraine. 

The poll also found that only 41% of respondents favored Russia continuing military action in Ukraine, while 53% said Russia should begin peace talks. 

A July-November 2022 Levada Center poll shows small but consistent support for the war among Russians.

"Both polls indicate that a smaller but still significant share of Russian citizens supports — and even enthusiastically — continues the war in Ukraine, despite Russia's military setbacks. 

Russian morale and political support for the war are likely to deteriorate over time if current trends continue. 

The longer the war continues to cause Russian casualties and Ukrainian forces to gain ground, the more socio-political dynamics will likely continue to turn against the Kremlin. 

An operational pause under the guise of peace talks could ease the growing political pressure on the Kremlin and allow Russia to restore its forces for further renewed offensive operations," analysts at the Institute for the Study of War say. 

We will remind that in the Russian Federation, about 55% of citizens are in favor of peace negotiations with Ukraine.

In half a year, the number of supporters of peace doubled. 

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