The withdrawal of Russian troops from Ukraine only accelerates the downfall of Kremlin dictator Vladimir



This was stated by the Russian opposition leader Gennady Gudkov on the air of the telethon.

Hudkov is convinced that Putin will never take his occupiers out of Ukraine of his own free will.

"If only he doesn't throw himself at Biden's feet and say: give me an island, security, protection from air and water. I'll live there, and you're here, so be it: I take everything out, I admit it, and you rebuild Russia there without me. This option is unlikely," said the oppositionist.

At the same time, he noted that "we think that everything is bad with Putin, and Putin thinks that everything is fine with him."

"I have received information from the Kremlin entourage that Putin is generally confident in himself and has no hesitations or doubts. He says: "Why, everything is fine, time is working for us.

We are now destroying the infrastructure of Ukraine, we don't care how many people die.

The main thing is that we prolong the war and during this time destroy the infrastructure of Ukraine, they themselves will howl and crawl on their knees to beg for mercy and peace." Unfortunately, all these calls from Scholz and


only strengthen his hope that he will win." - Hudkov explained.

It will be recalled that the Director of National Intelligence of the USA, Euryl Haynes, stated that the Russian dictator Vladimir Putin is surprised by the failure of his army in Ukraine and

may for some time reduce his appetites regarding the goals of the war.

Instead, US Deputy Secretary of State Victoria Nuland believes that

 Putin resorted to massive missile strikes on Ukraine

because of stern warnings from Western partners if he used nuclear weapons.

Nuland noted that currently the nuclear threat is not part of Russia's plans.

Earlier, the mass media found out that the Russian billionaire Yuriy

Kovalchuk was one of the supporters of Putin's decision to attack Ukraine.

He developed the idea that the war could show the West the strength of Moscow.

By the way, 

The US Treasury Department named Kovalchuk 


personal banker



Also against him 

introduced sanctions in 2014.

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