In response to the cancellation of the National Taiwan University paper, Taoyuan Mayor Zheng Wencan said in an interview yesterday that there was no comparison software at the beginning, so the source of the paper was omitted, and there is no problem with originality.

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[Reporter Xie Wuxiong/Taoyuan Report] The National Taiwan University Academy of Social Sciences Society has revoked Taoyuan Mayor Zheng Wencan's master's degree. Since Zheng Wencan is the Mesozoic generation of the DPP and a possible candidate for the party chairman, when he attended the education protection activities in Longtan District yesterday, he was asked whether Affect the succession of the Mesozoic generation and compete for the party leader?

He said that academic matters will be dealt with calmly, but political matters or other matters will return to other standards.

More than 100 articles cited in research on grassroots democracy in China

Zheng Wencan said that the master's degree is an issue in the academic field. He is willing to use the rigorous standards of the academic field to discuss it, and he also faces it with such a mood. For political matters or other matters, return to other standards.

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Zheng emphasized that he entered the National Taiwan University National Development Institute in 2003 to broaden his personal horizons. At that time, he was concerned about the issue of China's democratization, so he chose the research topic "Democracy at the Grassroots Level in China", but it was limited by time and space. Due to the limited conditions, there is no way to do empirical research, so the literature analysis method is adopted, citing many books, journals, or articles on the Internet, etc., probably more than one hundred.

He said that during the thesis oral examination, the three oral examination committee members included Zhou Jixiang, Director of the Research Institute, Chen Mingtong, Director of National Security Bureau, and Lin Jialong, former Minister of Transportation.

If there is a comparison software at the beginning, the references will be fully annotated

Zheng Wencan said that at that time, the National Development Institute did not require the comparison of similarity software, and such software was not popular. Now, after more than ten years, Xuelun Society has used the new similarity comparison software to find some No paper sources cited.

Zheng Wencan believes that if there is software and requirements for comparison at that time, of course the notes and reference papers will be filled in. This is the basic truth. This flaw in writing, he also specifically mentioned when he attended the Xuelun Conference, this is not plagiarism It was formed from a single paper, and there was no intention of plagiarism, so he apologized to the Academy both in writing and orally, and there is no problem with originality.

Facing the results of the deliberations calmly, I once again apologize to all walks of life

Zheng Wencan said that he is very grateful to National Taiwan University and the National Development Institute, and he will calmly face the review results and express his apologies to everyone; he emphasized that the paper was definitely written by himself, and he also made the statement of the Academic Lun Association afterwards. Pass to the three interview committee members.

Zheng Wencan mentioned that in the future, whether the same standards should be established for the master's thesis of the on-the-job professional class, such as the similarity of the thesis, etc., needs to be reviewed by the university itself; People will conduct the review anonymously, and the grading review of academic ethics should also be discussed by the university itself.