The fundraising project of "Goddess of Mountain Climbing" Zenger is now officially closed from the platform "Dig Bei", and sponsorship is no longer open.

(Information photo, provided by Zenger)

[Instant News/Comprehensive Report] Zeng Geer's mountaineering record has been questioned and controversial. The fundraising project was temporarily frozen by the platform on October 16. Now the facts are still unclear. Sponsorship program directly to the end.

In this regard, the famous mountaineering "Snow Goat" pointed out that a truly outstanding athlete responds with strength and performance when faced with doubts, it's as simple as that.

The Qubei platform updated the announcement on December 2 regarding the fundraising of the "Zenger 8,000-meter Gas Gathering Project", and put forward 4 explanations:

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1. As the facts have not been clarified so far, the project will remain frozen and will be closed from 2022/12/3, and sponsorship will no longer be open.

2. Proposers can still update relevant information and instructions through this project page to clarify relevant questions.

3. In order to ensure that the rights and interests of the sponsors are not affected, if the sponsors have doubts about the project, they can write to Qubei mailbox to cancel the sponsorship before 2022/12/31 (inclusive), and the platform will refund the full amount.

4. If there is an updated evidence later, the platform also reserves the right to extend the sponsor's consideration period or refund the project directly.

The digging platform will continue to track this project, and the updated information will be disclosed in the project platform announcement simultaneously.

Xueyang posted on Facebook that a truly outstanding athlete responds to doubts with strength and performance, not hiding and hiding, asking A and answering B, changing the previous statement immediately after being slapped in the face, and forgetting all kinds of details , Threatening to sue, and smearing those who questioned are all because of being robbed of resources.

Xueyang pointed out that the matter can come to an end, and I really want to thank all those who are willing to pay attention, track down, and write reports.

Thank them for dedicating their precious time and effort to the truth of Taiwan's mountaineering, so that Taiwan's peaks can climb the world and return to the time of innocence and faith as soon as possible.

Xueyang also shared the method of knowing the background of the promoter and whether the content of the fundraising is true before donating. In fact, you can listen to the comments of relevant experts, or check whether the person's past actions and records are trustworthy.

In addition, you can also try to understand the details and context of the project content, as well as the certification of the network blockchain.

These are good ways to cherish precious resources and judge the authenticity of news

In the update announcement of the Kubei platform, Zenger’s fundraising project will be directly closed from the 3rd, and sponsorship will no longer be open.

(Extracted from Kubei platform)

In the update announcement of the Kubei platform, the Zenger fundraising project will be directly closed from the 3rd, and sponsorship will no longer be open, and full refunds will be given to those who cancel the sponsorship.

(Extracted from Kubei platform)