PHB Auto Camp (PHB AUTO), one of the brave fighters of the autonomous car importer battle, who has been doing this business for more than 10 years.

is known as

"King Alphard" because it focuses on the Japanese luxury MPV market, especially "Alphard", has always been since the opening of the business.

Until being recognized in the industry as the Eta Takka of marketing "Alphad"

ready to penetrate the market both offline and online

The online channels include Facebook: PHB AUTO, Line:

@phb auto

and IG: phb_auto_import.

Raise the selling point “We are an importer who dares to think differently for the benefit.

and preferences of customers.”

There is a large showroom with a modern service center located on Srinakarin Road, Suan Luang Subdistrict, Suan Luang District, Bangkok, with an area of ​​more than 2 rai, and there is also another service center located along the motorway.

Way to Suvarnabhumi Airport

Close to Soi Krungthep Kreetha 20

Comes with a strong selling point in terms of a team of professional technicians who have long

experience with MPV


More importantly, they are ready to deliver the car immediately.

“No matter what color car customers want.

What kind of options?"

by PHB AUTO, ready for customers to choose the color as they like

Hope to answer for those who are bored with the same old colors

You can choose to customize as you like.

“Had fun choosing a unique car color.

in the way you are.”

For this special color Alphard car, the PHB AUTO showroom has a sample car to watch live.

In order to see the real car, the real thing, clear in every dimension

Recently, it has called a buzz in the industry again with "PHB Alpha Mad Yellow 2" with outstanding colors.

that anyone has to look

Back on demand

Anyone who missed out on buying it in time from last time

Today, I have the opportunity to experience it again at the showroom PHB AUTO Srinakarin.

to get special moments

On the occasion of "Father's Day" in December

PHB AUTO therefore responds to the needs of customers who want this special color Alphard.

By bringing it to the show together, will be at the showroom to touch each other will

Because most of them will not be easy to find.

which can only be seen from social media, but the PHB AUTO camp has brought it to see clearly

Because most of the customers tend to dare to be afraid to take ownership.

Because I have never seen a live car parked to show.

Therefore, there is a concern that the color will be too dark or too pale.

But PHB AUTO brought the real Alphard "PHB Alphard Mad Yellow 2", the real one to come and see each other, able to see each other in every corner.

To ensure that PHB AUTO is the only place in Thailand.

Possessing this yellow!!!

Al Capone