December 3, 2022 - Saturday.

The 283rd day of the war in Ukraine.

What a church holiday today, December 3

December 3, according to the religious calendar, is

the day of memory of St. Proclus


He lived around the 5th century, was a bishop in Constantinople, studied theology with John Chrysostom himself.

Proclus had a very large amount of knowledge in the field of the Holy Scriptures.

Therefore, thanks to the art of oratory, he was good at preaching the Christian faith.

It is known that he even witnessed the appearance of the Apostle Paul to John.

As a bishop, Proclus actively preaches Christianity, exposes paganism and heresy.

The saint also became famous for his miracles and help to the needy.

For example, a devastating earthquake occurred during his episcopate.

Proclus, together with the local residents, went out into the streets of the city and prayed.

December 3 - St. Proclus Memorial Day / Photo: Pexels

What can not be done on this day

  • On December 3, they did not go on a long journey, they tried to wait for the next day.

  • Do not quarrel with each other, be kind and friendly.

Folk signs and traditions of December 3

Among our ancestors there were many interesting omens for this day:

  • looked at what day it is today: it snowed in the morning - it will thaw by evening;

  • if wood crackles in the stove on December 3, there will be frost;

  • feathery clouds float in the sky - a blizzard will soon begin;

  • It rains on December 3, then it will rain on the third day of summer;

  • the snowbirds sing to the khurdelitsa;

  • a magpie flew under the roof, there will be a blizzard;

  • if the door opened by itself on December 3, it means that evil spirits are nearby;

  • a blooming house plant - wait for a new addition to the family;

  • On December 3, chickens huddle together - it will be cold.

If wood crackles in the stove on December 3, there will be frost / Photo: Pexels

The ancestors believed that on December 3, an evil force roams the earth, and therefore it is dangerous to go outside and go on a long journey.

Family visas are the best protection against evil, so it is important to spend this day with your family.

On December 3, the people said: "Curse Proclus with evil spirits."

Commemorative dates of December 3

Calendar of important events in Ukraine and the world for December 3:

  • 1775 – The stars and stripes flag was raised for the first time in the USA;

  • 1818 – Illinois becomes the 21st state of the United States of America;

  • 1879 - Thomas Edison and his assistant Francis Upton showed the public the working of the incandescent lamp, which they had developed in a year;

  • 1910 - Georges Claude demonstrates the first neon lamp in Paris;

  • 1912 - the Kingdom of Bulgaria, the Kingdom of Greece, the Kingdom of Serbia and the Kingdom of Montenegro sign an armistice with the Ottoman Empire, the end of the First Balkan War;

  • 1952 – 11 high-ranking officials of the Czechoslovak Communist Party were hanged in Prague on charges of cooperation with Western intelligence and Zionism, including the former General Secretary, Deputy Prime Minister Rudolph Slansky;

  • 1967 – in Cape Town (South Africa), Professor Christian Barnard performed the first heart transplant operation;

  • 1973 – the American "Pioneer−10" becomes the first spacecraft to fly near Jupiter;

  • 1976 – the Northern Bridge across the Dnipro was put into operation in Kyiv;

  • 1979 - a draft of the country's Constitution was adopted at a referendum in Iran, according to which women now had to wear the headscarf;

  • 1979 - in Cincinnati (Ohio), 11 people died during an attempt to take seats in the Riverfront Coliseum concert hall, where a concert by The Who was to be held.

  • 1984 - one of the biggest industrial disasters in history: a toxic substance leak occurred at a chemical plant in Indus, which killed more than 2,000 people and left 20,000 people blind;

  • 1989 – a monument to Taras Shevchenko was opened in the city of Prudentopolis (Brazil);

  • 1991 – the Republic of Hungary recognizes the independence of Ukraine, the Hungarian embassy in Kyiv becomes the first embassy of a foreign state in Ukraine;

  • 2002 - in Shandong Province (People's Republic of China), archaeologists discovered a royal burial from the Han Dynasty, in which more than a hundred figures of warriors, horses and chariots made of terracotta were preserved;

  • 2010 – at night, the police and special unit "Berkut" forcefully dismantle a tent camp of protesters against the new Tax Code of Ukraine on Independence Square in Kyiv.

Name day: what to name a child born on December 3

What are the names today:

Abraham, Azat, Anatoly, Grigory, Eustafiy, Ivan, Joseph, Hypatius, Isaac, Isidore, Proclus, Simeon, Anna, Nina, Tatona, Thekla.

The talisman of people born on December 3 is a



It was revered even by ancient healers, believing that the stone is able to accumulate positive energy and transfer it to its owner.

The name of zircon is translated from Persian as "golden".

Born on this day:

  • 1722 - Ukrainian poet and educator Hryhoriy Skovoroda;

  • 1755 - the founder of painting in the USA, Gilbert Stuart;

  • 1877 - Ukrainian geographer, founder of the geography of Ukraine Stepan Rudnytskyi;

  • 1924 - American mathematician, founder of the FORTRAN programming language John Backus;

  • 1931 - Ukrainian mathematician Ivan Danyliuk;

  • 1937 - Ukrainian conductor, People's Artist of Ukraine Ivan Slyota;

  • 1948 - British rock singer Ozzy Osbourne;

  • 1973 - American actress Holly Marie Combs;

  • 1987 - Ukrainian writer, translator Andrii Lyubka.

What a day today is in Ukraine and the world

December 3 -

International Day of People with Disabilities


The event was proclaimed by the UN General Assembly in 1992.

Unfortunately, many people today suffer from incurable diseases or injuries that limit their physical capabilities.

About 15% of the planet's inhabitants cannot perform the functions usual for a healthy person.

International Pesticide Day

is celebrated on December 3


The holiday was first announced by the International Coalition of the same name in 1998.

The date was not chosen by chance.

It was on December 3, 1984 that a disaster occurred when a deadly gas was released into the atmosphere after an explosion at a pesticide factory in India (Union Carbide).

The tragedy led to more than 200,000 deaths and half a million cases of serious illness in the following years.

December 3 — World Fatbike Day / Photo:

December 3 is also

World Fatbike Day


The first bicycles with wide tires appeared in photographs in English periodicals in 1932.

The invention is attributed to Mark Grunwald from Alaska, who coined the new term.

Thanks to the wide tire and low pressure on such a bike, it is much easier to move on tight, loose or sandy tracks.

December 3 is celebrated

as World Day of Computer Graphics (International Day of Designers and Animators)


The holiday was started by the American company Alias ​​in 1998.

The date of the celebration was chosen in honor of the abbreviation of three-dimensional graphics (3D): where "3" is a number, and "D" is the month of December (December in English).

Every year on December 3,

the World Basque Language Day

is celebrated .

It was introduced by the Basque Research Society in 1948 in memory of Saint Francisco Javier, the most successful and famous Christian missionary according to the Catholic Church, who was Basque by origin.

The holiday was officially approved in 1995 by the government of the Basque Country and the Royal Academy of the Basque Language.

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