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Bulgaria was separated from Romania for the first time.

Bulgaria and Romania were admitted to NATO and the EU together.

This is what the leader of "Republicans for Bulgaria" wrote on his personal Facebook page

Republicans for Bulgaria is a political party in Bulgaria, established in 2020." Tsvetan Tsvetanov

Tsvetan Genchev Tsvetanov was born on April 8, 1965 in Sofia. In 1987, Tsvetanov started working on the occasion of the Netherlands' decision to stop Bulgaria's entry into Schengen.

Here's what else he shared:

"In all the years covering the full membership, regardless of the different progress for the EC assessment, we were not separated from Romania on our way to the Schengen area. If we read carefully the monitoring report from the autumn of 2012, Bulgaria made visible progress on the cooperation mechanism and assessment and it was decided that the next EK report for Bulgaria would be after 18 months and for Romania the 6 month period remained. But even then we were not separated from Romania because the natural and normal logic is that the two countries should be accepted simultaneously in Schengen

Today's assessment of the Netherlands on the separation of Bulgaria from Romania should not be looked for in Prime Minister Rutte.

Stefan Yanev with an interesting idea how to answer the Netherlands for Schengen

We must shut up, own up to mistakes and keep working, not continue to be the sole representative of the Putin regime in the EU.

The intention of some people's representatives to bring to the parliament a proposal for a decision obliging the Prime Minister of Bulgaria to vote against all the initiatives of the Netherlands is counterproductive.

Such a decision will be against Bulgaria's interests and will provoke actions by EU countries against our country

for non-fulfillment of our commitments related to EU funds under the Recovery and Sustainability Plan and operational programs".

Tsvetan Tsvetanov

Republicans for Bulgaria