There were 104 vegetable farmers participating in the cauliflower evaluation of the Lugang Town Farmers Association, and Shi Shenggong, a vegetable farmer from the Lugang Farmers Association, won the championship.

(Photo by reporter Tang Shiming)

[Reporter Tang Shiming/Changhua Report] The Farmers Association of Lukang Township, Changhua County held a marketing and promotion event for high-quality and fresh agricultural products in Changhua and a cauliflower appraisal award ceremony today. Among them, 104 vegetable farmers participated in the fifth cauliflower appraisal this year. In the competition and evaluation, Shi Shenggong, a vegetable farmer from the Lukang Farmers Association, won the championship. On weekdays, he took good care of the cauliflower like a baby. With careful care and painstaking management, he grew high-quality cauliflower with a thick and plump appearance. When the county magistrate Wang Huimei presented the award He praised the farmers for their more sophisticated planting techniques and eating more cauliflower, which is not only nutritious and healthy, but also helps farmers increase their income, which can be said to be "killing two birds with one stone".

Wang Huimei said that the area of ​​cauliflower planted in Changhua County is 990 hectares, with an annual harvest of 26,704 metric tons. Although the planting area in Lukang Township is only 30 hectares, the quality has been continuously improved through quality improvement and competition in recent years. In the early competition, only 45 people participated in the competition. This year, 104 people participated in the competition. Because of healthy competition, the quality has been continuously improved.

Cauliflower is known as the "antioxidant magic vegetable". It contains vitamins A, B, C, E, dietary fiber, protein, calcium, and potassium. Harvard University published a research report in a scientific journal in 2019. Cauliflower There is a natural molecule "induo-3-methanol" in the vegetable, which can inhibit the growth of cancer cells. Eating more broccoli has many benefits.

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She said that Changhua is a large agricultural and industrial county, which is semi-agricultural and semi-industrial, and the quantity and quality of agricultural products are also among the best. They are all very talented and led the team to develop a lot of agricultural products. In order to promote Changhua's agricultural products, the county government launched "Changhua Youxian" must meet Chapter 3 1Q certification, and then you can use the brand "Changhua Youxian" to sell in e-commerce, physical and other channels. For sale, Changhua Youxian is a brand certified by the county government and a guarantee of food safety.

Zhang Jiatang, chairman of the Lugang Town Farmers’ Association, said that the purpose of the farmers’ association is to help farmers increase their income. Through evaluation, the quality of cauliflower can be improved, consumers can be more recognized, and promotional channels can be added to the whole country.

Winners of the 5th Cauliflower Evaluation: champion Shi Shenggong (Lukang Farmers Association), runner-up Huang Zhenru (Lukang Farmers Association), runner-up Wu Xinglan (Puyan Farmers Association), third runner-up Lin Yingjie (Lukang Farmers Association), third runner-up Cai Chengying (Lukang Farmers Association), second runner-up Huang Lihua (Lukang Farmers Association), and excellent Lin Junliang (Lukang Farmers Association), Zheng Pinghao (Xihu Town Farmers Association), Shi Shuman (Puyan Farmers Association), Chen Changqing (Puyan Farmers Association) Association), Shi Fengru (Puyan Farmers Association), He Jinshun (Xihu Farmers Association), Xu Xianglin (Fuxing Farmers Association), Yang Rongxi (Xihu Farmers Association), Yang Wenli (Xihu Farmers Association), Xie Xiuzhi (Xihu Farmers Association) Farmers Association).

Changhua County Mayor Wang Huimei (left) awarded the cauliflower appraisal champion plaque to vegetable farmer Shi Shenggong (right).

(Photo by reporter Tang Shiming)

The guests recommended the cauliflower from Changhua County.

(Photo by reporter Tang Shiming)

County magistrate Wang Huimei (2nd from right) watched the cauliflower planted by farmers.

(Photo by reporter Tang Shiming)