However, a video was released on the social media platform. Jinan, Shandong suddenly began to transfer college students to the shelter hospital for isolation. The parents of the students were dissatisfied with this regulation and stood at the entrance of the hospital to argue with "Dabai". (picture taken from " @fangshimin” Twitter, this newspaper synthesis)

[Instant News/Comprehensive Report] The "blank paper revolution" has recently occurred in China. In order to alleviate this wave of protests, Beijing's top officials recently announced that some areas have successively relaxed the lockdown measures. However, a video was released on social media platforms. Jinan, Shandong suddenly The student’s parents were dissatisfied with this measure and started to argue with “Dabai” at the gate of the hospital. After the news was exposed, it attracted more than 30,000 people to watch. This PO article aroused many discussions among netizens with a message.

According to comprehensive Chinese media reports, Chinese officials reported that as of 24:00 on the 2nd, there were 33,073 new confirmed cases in a single day, including 37 newly confirmed cases in Shandong Province and 725 asymptomatic infections, for a total of 762 cases.

It is reported that the epidemic prevention measures have been gradually relaxed in China. At present, Guangzhou, Zhengzhou, Tianjin, Shanghai and other regions are known.

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However, the social platform Twitter "Fang Zhouzi" posted an article today, and attached a video, which mentioned that Jinan authorities suddenly began to transfer many college students to Fangcang Hospital for isolation, regardless of whether the quick test was positive or negative. Many parents of students Feeling dissatisfied, he suspected that he stood at the entrance of the shelter hospital and had an argument with the medical staff "Dabai".

The Chinese social platform "Weibo" has successively posted posts with the tag "Shandong Jianzhu University". One netizen scolded, "I want to ask the school leaders, how did you find out that there are people who are positive from the beginning until now? You are not closing the dormitory. Isn’t it in Tiantian Nucleic Acid? How to find the source, pull people by car by car, why are there still people who are positive now, and now the students are not allowed to leave, do you want to seal them all and drag them to Jinan’s cabin for the last time? Is it about performance?", and other student netizens said, "When will the second batch of the list of people who can leave be released?", "When a person feels wronged outside, he will realize the meaning of home!"

After the news was exposed, many netizens expressed different opinions. Some people said, "I'm still building the cabin, so I know it's not over yet." Spend more than 20 billion yuan to build a permanent shelter...", some netizens ridiculed "This is the legendary one country, two systems, there is no legal system, Xi Jinping system, and official system", "The most violent protests have been unsealed, think about the rest of the place ".

Jinan is still dragging people to concentration camps?

It seems that the degree of "optimization" varies from place to place.

[Jinan began to pull students into the cabins, and parents stopped them at the school gate.

We have things like this every day, regardless of whether they are negative or positive, they will all be dragged to the shelter]

— Fang Zhouzi (@fangshimin) December 2, 2022