Russian billionaire Yuriy Kovalchuk was one of the supporters of the decision of the president-dictator of the Russian Federation,

 Vladimir Putin

 , to attack Ukraine.

He developed the idea that the war could show the West the strength of Moscow.

This is stated in the Wall Street Journal article.

With reference to a friend of Kovalchuk's family and an ex-employee of Russian intelligence, the newspaper writes that the businessman often met with the head of the Kremlin before the start of the war, they talked by phone or via video link.

It was during these conversations that Kovalchuk expressed ideas that the West was weak.

He said it was time to demonstrate Russia's military power by invading Ukraine.

According to two Wall Street Journal interviewees, Putin and Kovalchuk sometimes spent hours discussing the growing conflict with the West and Russia's history.


Mr Putin has long relied on a close circle of trusted allies to manage business in key sectors of the Russian economy.

Mr. Kovalchuk stands out both for his personal relationship with the president and his role in shaping public opinion

", the article says.

By the way, 

The US Treasury Department named Kovalchuk 


personal banker



Also against him 

introduced sanctions in 2014.


iznesmen is also another 

one of the largest media magnates of the Russian Federation "with an empire of TV channels, newspapers and social networks, which are often promoted by the Kremlin line".

Currently, against the background of the Kremlin's failure in the war, its media are becoming more and more valuable in the Kremlin's arsenal, the publication believes.

By the way, Kovalchuk's TV channels covered the partial mobilization and also talked about the Ukrainian "dirty bomb. With the help of the business media, Putin is also strengthening his control over the Internet.

The authors concluded that Kovalchuk has a great influence on the politics and employees of the Kremlin, and also helps to own the shares of Putin's family and friends.

It will be recalled that President Volodymyr Zelenskyi said that the

 war will end in two cases

: when Ukraine wins, or when Russia itself admits defeat.

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