There are three reasons why Russian dictator Vladimir Putin does not dare to launch another massive strike against Ukraine.

The last attack was on November 23.

This opinion  was

voiced by Ivan Stupak, an ex-employee of the SBU, an expert of the Ukrainian Institute of the Future,

on Channel 24  .

In his opinion, there are 3 reasons:

  • The Russians are terrorizing the Ukrainians, they want to check whether they are afraid of a Russian plane or not.

  • The Russians are testing the Ukrainian air defense system, trying to find weak points that will be hit in the future.

  • The Russians send adjusters to the sites of previous strikes to check the extent of the impact, and then analyze this information.

The expert urged Ukrainians not to post photos and videos of the consequences of the strikes, because the Russian special services are observing and analyzing how effective the strikes were.

"Social networks are analyzed: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, where our careless citizens post photos and videos. It is very important for the Russians to analyze how effective their strikes were, to approve the list of the next targets for their missiles to hit," Stupak said.

Russia has changed its tactics of missile strikes

The President's Office believes that the Russian military has changed its strike tactics.

They can wait for severe frosts to then launch a massive 

missile attack

 on Ukraine.

The adviser to the head of the OP stated that the occupiers aimed to 

"freeze" Ukrainians.

The Operational Command "South" believes that the 

Russian Federation can specifically incite the situation in Ukrainian society before a massive shelling

 in order to attack unexpectedly.

It can happen at any time and Ukrainians should be ready.

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