On Saturday, December 3, a Christmas tree lit up in St. Peter's Square in the Vatican.

The 30-meter tree was brought from the small mountain village of Rosello in the Abruzzo region.

During the official ceremony, a manger with figures of the Holy Family, donated by the northern Italian village of Sutrio, was also unveiled in the square.

This was reported by the Vatican News website.

St. Peter's Square in the Vatican this year was to be decorated with a 54-meter white fir tree from the Italian mountains.

However, immediately before felling, conservationists noted that the tree is more than 200 years old, it grows in a nature reserve and is protected by law.

Lumberjacks at the last minute refused to cut down. 

Selysh Rozello had to hastily choose another tree, which was then decorated with the products of patients of a psychiatric rehabilitation facility.

The manger and nativity figures from the Sutriyas are entirely made of wood.

Pope Francis thanked representatives of Italian municipalities for their donations and briefly reflected on the symbolism of the Christmas tree. 

"The tree with its lights reminds us of Jesus, who comes to illuminate our darkness, our existence, often locked in the shadow of sin, fear and pain.

But it also suggests that people, like trees, need roots, "firm foundations" to remain strong, grow and withstand the winds of life," Pope Francis emphasized.

As a reminder, the main Christmas tree of Ukraine will be installed in Kyiv on December 19.

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