U.S. Undersecretary of State Sherman (right) and European Union External Affairs Secretary Sanino held the 4th U.S.-EU Dialogue on China Issues in Washington DC on the 1st.

The picture shows last year's dialogue screen.

(Taken from the official website of the US State Department)

[Compilation of Zhou Hongwen/Comprehensive Report] U.S. Deputy Secretary of State Xueman and Secretary-General of the European Union's External Affairs Department Sanino held the 4th U.S.-Europe Dialogue on China Issues in Washington DC on the 1st. The two sides focused on supply chain resilience and the Ukrainian-Russian War and the Taiwan Strait issue.

On the 2nd, the Indo-Pacific Consultative Conference was held again. After the meeting, a joint statement was issued, expressing concern about China's provocation and increasing the risk of the Taiwan Strait, emphasizing the importance of peace and stability in the Taiwan Strait, and reaffirming the people's right to peaceful protest against China's "white paper movement".

Peace and stability in the Taiwan Strait are important interests of the US and Europe

In the joint statement, the two reiterated that maintaining peace and stability in the Taiwan Strait is an important economic and security interest of the United States and Europe, and expressed common concerns about China's provocative actions in the Taiwan Strait; Change the status quo across the Taiwan Strait and call for peaceful resolution of cross-strait issues.

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On the issue of supply chains, both sides realize that Western countries should cultivate the resilience and diversity of their own supply chains and cooperate to avoid over-reliance on China's production chains, so as to prevent China from continuing to use the economy as a threat to achieve its goals by coercing the international community. Political goals; in the Ukrainian-Russian war, calling on Beijing not to try to circumvent sanctions on Russia will push China to put pressure on Russia to end the war.

Peaceful protest is the white paper movement for human rights

Xueman and Shanino also expressed serious concern about the human rights situation in China.

The two held a symposium at American University on the 2nd. Xueman publicly praised protesters around the world, including "Chinese who are fed up with the 'dynamic zeroing' policy" and women in Iran, emphasizing that peaceful protest is the right of the people.

Xueman said that the protests in China have slowed down in recent days because the protests have worked; but at the same time, China began to use the public security system to suppress the protests and put people in prisons.

When answering the question, Xueman did not deny that there may be a war in the Taiwan Strait. She mentioned that Xi Jinping, the general secretary of the Communist Party of China who "has full control over Chinese politics", mentioned at the 20th Congress of the Communist Party of China in October that he would unify Taiwan, and he also stated that he would not renounce the use of force possible.

Xueman said, "War is possible." "The United States will work to deter China from using force against Taiwan, and will also assist Taiwan in strengthening its own self-defense capabilities."