The President of Russia, Vladimir Putin, corresponds to the interests, wishes and dreams of Russian society, because he has the same obsessive idea that most Russians have.

This opinion was expressed by the Minister of Foreign Affairs in 2007-2009, the head of the Russian Research Center, Volodymyr Ogryzko, on the air of the Espresso TV channel.

According to him, Putin and his henchmen do not care what the leaders of the Western countries, Biden, Macron or Scholz, said, what is said about them in the world and how they are perceived externally. 

"This is a different psychological space.

The Russian public lives by other categories.

Russians live in categories that do not fit into a civilized head," Ogryzko emphasized.

The Ukrainian diplomat noted that Putin has a fixed idea shared by the majority of the Russian population - the need for victories and greatness. 

"This is what Putin uses.

Russian society wants Putin.

It corresponds to the interests, wishes and dreams of this society.

Putin is what the entire Russian society is," Ogryzko added.

It will be recalled that the Russian billionaire Yuriy Kovalchuk was one of the supporters of the decision of the president-dictator of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Putin, to attack Ukraine.

He developed the idea that the war could show the West the strength of Moscow.

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