The Turkish company Baykar conducted tests of the Kızılelma unmanned fighter jet, which is equipped with Ukrainian engines, before the first full-fledged flight, scheduled for 2023.

The head of Baykar Technology, Selchuk Bayraktar, posted the corresponding video on Twitter.

"I hope soon... It's hard to keep Kızılelma on the ground," he wrote in the caption to the released footage.

Zor tutuyoruz…

Bayraktar #KIZILELMA teker kesme testinde ayaklarını yerden kesti.

Az kaldy inshallah… ✈️

Having a hard time keeping #KIZILELMA on the ground...✈️

— Selçuk Bayraktar (@Selcuk) December 3, 2022

According to Turkish publications, the Kızılelma fighter can conduct air combat with aggressive maneuvers and the use of air-to-air missiles.

In addition, it will be able to take off and land from ships with a short runway and attack designated targets with munitions that it will carry inside the hull.

Its first full flight is scheduled for 2023.

The AI-25TLT turbojet engine of the Ukrainian company "Motor Sich" is installed on Kızılelma.

Thanks to this, the drone is able to reach a maximum speed of up to 800 km/h, a maximum flight duration of 5 hours, and an upper flight limit of 12 km.

The combat load of the fighter drone is 1 ton.

It will be recalled that the first tests of the TYFUN ballistic missile were conducted earlier in Turkey.

She hit the target at a distance of 561 kilometers in 458 seconds.

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