The Security Service of Ukraine has published a complete list of persons who have been sanctioned by the National Security Council for it: these are 10 representatives of the UOC MP or those closely related to this organization.

This was reported by the SBU press service.

In particular, sanctions have been imposed on Ukrainian ex-Deputy Vadym Novinsky, who is also a cleric of the UOC.

The vicar of the Holy Dormition Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra Petro Lebid, known by the nickname "Pasha Mercedes" was placed under restrictions.

The full list of persons subject to sanctions:

  • Vadim Vladyslavovich Novynskyi (UOC cleric);

  • Petro Dmytrovych Lebid (Metropolitan Pavlo of Vyshgorod and Chornobyl, vicar of the Holy Dormition Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra);

  • Shvets Rostyslav Pylypovich (Lazar, Metropolitan of Simferopol and Crimea); 

  • Udovenko Volodymyr Petrovych (Plato, Metropolitan of Feodosia and Kerch); 

  • Vyacheslav Oleksandrovich Opanasenko (Bishop Agafon of Koktebel);

  • Oleksandr Oleksandrovich Ovsyannikov (Bishop of Dzhankoy and Rozdollensky Oleksiy);

  • Chernyshov Kostyantyn Valeriyovych (Bishop Kallenik of Bakhchisarai);

  • Oleksandr Borisovich Taranov (Archbishop of Rovenkiv and Sverdlovsk Arkady);

    Oleg Oleksandrovich Ivanov (former Metropolitan of Izyum and Kupyan Elisey); 

  • Oleksii Oleksandrovich Maslenikov (former Metropolitan Iosyf of Rome and Buryn).