The first youth residence in Changhua County is located in Shengang Township by the sea. It has been planned for 3 years. The county government originally said that it will go online again in mid-November for the third project contract. However, the time has passed and the case is still in the county government. , failed to fulfill pre-election promises.

(provided by the county government)

[Reporter Zhang Congqiu/Changhua Report] Three years ago, the Changhua County Government planned to build the first youth housing in Shenang Township. It shows that it is expected to go online again in mid-November this year for the third project bidding. Unfortunately, the election has been over for 2 weeks, and the pre-election promise of the county government is still not fulfilled. In this regard, the county government stated that the budget will be compiled in the Youth Development Department. If the funds are insufficient, the non-priority and necessary projects will be deleted first, and the main structure will be done first. After the project is reduced, the contracting business will be handled by the Public Works Department. Once the online bidding is completed again, the follow-up progress will be fast.

In 2019, the county magistrate Wang Huimei’s second year in office, she plans to build the county’s first youth house that is only for sale and not rented in Shenang Township, Linhai. Home building revitalizes the economy and encourages consumption. The biggest prize in the lottery. The two lucky winners choose to exchange cash without waiting for the house to be built.

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The Qingzhai development project has been planned for 3 years. It was not until this year's election year that the county government opened the bidding for the project for the first time on September 21 this year. The bid was rejected because there was no bid. The second bidding was conducted on September 28. The result Same as the first time, no bidder declared a failed bid.

On November 2, the Democratic Progressive Party Group of the county council held a press conference to condemn the inability of the county government to complete major projects, and named one of them, the Green House in Shengang Township. At that time, the Youth Development Office responded that it had reviewed and adjusted the work projects and bidding with the design unit The document is expected to be announced online again in mid-November.

The county government has vowed to do it, and many people are concerned about whether the contract has been issued online?

In this regard, the Youth Development Office stated that there is no youth-related bureau or office responsible for engineering projects in the country. Therefore, based on engineering professional considerations and on the premise that the original total budget remains unchanged, the Public Works Office is commissioned to conduct online bidding for projects.

The Public Works Department stated that the design of the first phase of the project has been completed. The project bid has been affected by unfavorable factors such as soaring construction prices, epidemic situation, lack of work, and saturation of domestic projects. The second round of bidding failed to complete the contract. After a meeting and discussion, the main body will be the first The structure, appearance and landscape projects should be removed first, and the removed parts will be funded later, and try to re-invite online bidding this month.

According to the planning of the county government, the total floor area of ​​Shengang Qingzhai is 15,443 square meters, the construction cost of the contract is 660 million yuan, and the subsequent expansion is 150 million yuan, totaling 810 million yuan. The first phase plans to build 189 households, including There are 30 one-bedroom households, 104 two-bedroom households, and 40 three-bedroom households.

The county government team led by Changhua County Mayor Wang Huimei promised before the election that the Qingzhai house will be re-tendered online in mid-November. The election is over, and the contract has not yet been issued online. The county government explained that it is too late to complete the reduction and adjustment project in mid-November.

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