The fire department promotes the installation of fire alarms.

(Photographed by reporter Wu Renjie)

[Reporters Wu Renjie, Que Jinglun/Comprehensive Report] Yesterday in Miaoli County, it was reported that three sisters and younger brothers were buried in a fire pit tragedy. According to the latest statistics from the Fire Department, between 2018 and 2021, there were 22,380 incidents across the country. Two residential fires (Toutianchu + multi-family housing) took 416 precious lives, of which 203 people were killed and 486 were injured in the independent residence (Tutianchu) alone. It accounts for 49% of the total number of casualties. If fire alarms are installed in houses such as Tutiancuo, the number of fire alarms and the number of casualties will drop sharply. "Dangerous House", calling on the residents of old houses such as Tutiancuo to install police devices to save their lives.

Home fires have claimed 416 lives over the past four years

The Fire Department stated that since 2017, the Ministry of the Interior has installed independent fire alarms as the core countermeasures to reduce residential fires, and the number of residential fires has decreased year by year. It is further subdivided into those with residential alarms and those without alarms. Since 2018, the installation of fire alarms has been vigorously promoted. In that year, the number of fire alarms in Tutiancuo across the country was 3,268. In 2019, it dropped to 3,021. In 2020, it will drop to 2,552, and in 2021, it will drop to 2,124, a drop of 35%.

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According to the statistics of the Fire Department, the total number of households in the country is about 8.1 million. According to the fire protection law, as of June this year, among the 4.573 million households that should be installed by law nationwide, the actual installation rate has reached Ninety-four percent, but on the other hand, there are still 0.60%, as many as 270,000 households have not yet installed.

"It should be installed but not installed" increases the risk of death

On the other hand, there will be 7,016 building fires in Taiwan in 2020, among which residential fires will kill 106 people, and 65% of the households that died did not install residential buildings. Alarms, showing that "should have installed but not installed" alarms, once a fire occurs in a house, up to two-thirds will bring the risk of death; The alarm sounded in time to allow the house to escape in the first time. It is obvious that the life-saving effect of the alarm is significant.

In addition to the alarm device, Shang Shaohua, a fire rescue expert and a special committee member of the New Taipei City Fire Department, said that if a house is equipped with iron windows, it is necessary to keep the refuge window; Fire-resistant building materials should be used as much as possible for decoration; safety devices must be installed for electrical appliances and fire gas; the whole family must also plan a safe escape plan (you can ask the publicity prevention team to plan more than two escape routes) in case of emergency.