"Bulgaria will enter Schnegen in a few days or in a few months. The president reacted sharply and in time. Rutte made a suggestion that for 50 euros you can cross the border. Bulgarians died to protect not only us, but also them. Rutte be careful. This won't just go away". This is what the Acting Minister of Justice Krum Zarkov said in "This Saturday"

Krum Zarkov was born on November 21, 1982. He graduated from the 9th French language high school "Alphonse de.

"It's not about emotion, it's about law. Everything that has been said has been done. I did not expect such a reaction. We are taking many steps in this direction. It is a continuous struggle. I do not want to fight corruption for the sake of the Netherlands, but for our sake. "What Mark Rutte said is not the position of Europe. The European Commission at the highest level, the European Parliament and all member states except one are on Bulgaria's side," he added.

Rumen Radev on Schengen: Instead of European solidarity, Bulgaria gets cynicism!

Zarkov emphasized that he respects the position of the Netherlands, but it must be expressed in a way that does not call into question the dignity and life of the Bulgarian police officers.

"The Netherlands has no right not to want us in Schengen. The way they did it is absolutely unacceptable, politically and legally unjustified," the Minister of Justice emphasized.

The Electoral Code

"The decisions are wrong. This is clear to those who introduce them. This combination of two types of voting in one section renders all efforts for an honest vote meaningless, it will make the organization of the elections difficult. People in the section commissions will be put to ridicule - they will they stand for 20 hours, they will count thousands of bills. This is a pogrom," he added.

"The electorate of the BSP is in no way worse, weaker and less intelligent than others. I do not accept this. Mrs. Ninova knows that this is a simple explanation for the decline of support for the BSP. This will lead to an even greater decline. With a series of wrong decisions, the BSP was taken out of the left to be pushed into a nationalist and conservative niche. Now it has lost its position as a GERB fighter," Zarkov is emphatic.

The latest changes in the Electoral Code do not help either fairer or more transparent elections, the minister added.

"Trading in machine code is 'nonsense'. The code is regulated and publicly there is a procedure for how it can be seen. This is another episode of this harmful debate. The same people who doubt the machines repeat that they are here to stay ", explained the minister.

Krum Zarkov