Australian Liberal Party MP Scott Buchholz will lead a delegation to visit Taiwan.

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[Reporter Yang Chengyu/Taipei Report] According to comprehensive media reports, a delegation composed of six cross-party members of the Australian House of Representatives will leave for a five-day visit to Taiwan tomorrow (4th), hoping to convey Australia's wish to maintain peace in the Indo-Pacific region.

This delegation is the first visit to Taiwan by members of the Australian Congress since the outbreak of the epidemic. They will meet with our political leaders including President Tsai Ing-wen and Foreign Minister Wu Zhaoxie. It is rumored that they will communicate with us on trade, agriculture, aboriginal affairs, and national defense and security issues.

According to the list released by the media, the 6 representatives of this group are led by the Australian Liberal Party Scott Buchholz, and its members include Barnaby Joyce of the National Party, who was the former Deputy Prime Minister of Australia, and Swanson of the ruling Labor Party. Meryl Swanson and Libby Coker.

The unnamed MP said that both the ruling party and the opposition party expressed their support for the visit to Taiwan.

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When Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese was asked about this in South Australia today, he said that this trip was not a government-led visit, and that the backbench members of the Australian Parliament (referring to members of the ruling party or opposition parties who do not hold government positions) It's not uncommon to visit Taiwan, and this is just one of the regiments.

Albanese reiterated that Australia's two parties still maintain the same position on China and support for maintaining the status quo in the Taiwan Strait.