After Vitaly Kim, the head of the Mykolayiv OVA, intrigued Ukrainians with a report about strikes on the positions of Russian aggressors in the south of the country, there were speculations about new long-range weapons in the Armed Forces.

In his video blog, military expert Oleg Zhdanov named two variants of "buns" that could be a surprise for the occupiers.

According to him, it is known from open sources that Boing offers a kamikaze drone with a range of up to 150 km.

But this is only a proposal and this type of weapon is not yet available in Ukraine.

“I looked at HIMARS because there were talks about different types of ammunition that can fly at different distances.

There are actually two types of ammunition — the M31 A1 and A2 projectiles, which have a maximum range of 84 km and belong to the high-precision class.

But there is a program for the modernization of anti-aircraft missiles, as a result of which the flight range increases to 150-200 km.

This is the first option," the expert suggested. 

The second option, according to Zhdanov, could be ATACMS missiles, which also have a different firing range, which starts at 165 km.

According to him, there was no information about the ATACMS missile systems in service with the Armed Forces, but it is impossible to speak with certainty about the ammunition.

We will remind you that on December 1, the Ukrainian military struck the positions of the Russian aggressors in the south of the country.

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