Shi Mingde, former chairman of the Democratic Progressive Party.

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[Instant News/Comprehensive Report] The Democratic Progressive Party suffered a disastrous defeat in the 2022 nine-in-one general election, and the party will face re-election of the party chairman.

In this regard, former chairman of the Democratic Progressive Party Shih Ming-teh said that the main reason for this big defeat is that the candidates did not "follow the steps" and all relied on the factions "Tu, Qiao".

He also pointed out that Vice President Lai Qingde is the most unscarred person recently, and should run for the party chairman, and said that he will provoke the 2024 election, which is most likely to reverse the situation of the DPP.

Shi Mingde posted on Facebook today (3rd) that Lai Qingde is a presidential candidate with good external evaluation among the candidates of the Democratic Progressive Party. If he wants to be elected president in 2024, he should first run for the party chairman this time and declare that he was elected. In addition, he wanted to run for the presidency, and at the same time publicly promised that he would not make Tsai Ing-wen limping. If the former vice president Chen Jianren also wanted to run for the presidency, he should also run for the presidency this time, and the same goes for other interested parties. When I become a presidential candidate later, I should cherish my feathers more and not dare to mess around. In this way, there will be no double-headed carriages in the party center during the general election. The party center personnel can also be stabilized as soon as possible.”

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Shi Mingde said that in this general election, almost all of the leaders of the DPP are wounded soldiers, and Lai Qingde is the person with the least scars or the least injuries. If he provokes the 2024 election, it is most likely to reverse the situation of the DPP. Experience, experience, and tests are too immature, too insufficient, and unworthy of great responsibility. "I made it clear that Lai Qingde must announce his candidacy for the party chairman as soon as possible. This is the momentum that leaders should have. Controversies have been fought by agents, so he has a vain appearance and cannot bear the heavy responsibility."

However, Shi Mingde pointed out that the various factions of the DPP are still inclined to "rub, Joe" and promote the party chairman without bloodshed. It doesn't matter if you order minced meat, but if you want to "peel two layers of skin from one cow", the people of Taiwan have already seen it clearly. If this happens, the DPP may lose again in 2024.