We respect Azerbaijani toponyms.

We write all toponyms from the Russian-Turkish Joint Monitoring Center with the names sent to us by the Azerbaijani side.

APA reports that Major General Andrey Volkov, commander of the Russian peacekeeping forces temporarily stationed in Azerbaijan, told Azerbaijani journalists about this.

"Unfortunately, these names are not followed correctly on the website of the Ministry of Defense of Russia. However, as I mentioned, we peacekeepers present all toponyms correctly. You can check it," Volkov said.

It should be noted that for several days now, the Ministry of Defense of Azerbaijan has been disseminating information that in the official information of the peacekeeping contingent of the Russian Federation, the names of the territories of Azerbaijan are mentioned with fictitious Armenian toponyms.

It was noted that repeated appeals by the Ministry of Defense regarding the non-use of these false statements were ignored.

The Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Azerbaijan insisted once again that the incorrect mention of the names of our settlements, as well as the use of the phrase "Nagorno-Karabakh territory" is unacceptable.