The acceptance rate of temporary cleaners in Tainan is only 10%, and the applicants, both male and female, are rushing forward with rice sacks.

(Provided by Nanshi Environmental Protection Bureau)

[Reporter Wang Shuxiu/Tainan Report] The Tainan City Environmental Protection Bureau recruits temporary cleaning personnel. Starting today (3rd), the physical fitness test will be held at the Far East University of Science and Technology for two consecutive days. It is estimated that 300 people will be admitted, and the number of applicants will be more than 3,000. The actual number of candidates is 2,717.

In order to grab public vacancies, men and women struggled to carry rice bags and rushed forward with all their strength. Mayor Huang Weizhe came to the scene to cheer for the test takers. He also thanked everyone for signing up and being willing to become a cleaner to maintain the city's appearance.

Huang Weizhe said that the Environmental Protection Bureau adopted a new type of rice bag in the recruitment examination, which increases the friction, so that the test subjects have better grip and performance. They also divided men and women into groups to test physical fitness, paying attention to innate differences, and their intentions are worthy of recognition.

Everyone who took the test also tried their best to perform, thank you for your hard work.

Those admitted in the physical fitness test will be recruited by the Environmental Protection Agency in the order of their ranking. It is hoped that every admitted person can cherish the hard-won job opportunities and contribute seriously to the cleanliness and cleanliness of Tainan City.

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The Environmental Protection Bureau recruited temporary cleaning personnel. The number of applicants was 3,162, and the total number of applicants was 2,717 (1,920 males and 797 females).

The youngest is 18 years old, the longest is 63 years old, and 45 people have a graduate degree or above.

The feature of this recruitment is that men and women will be tested separately for physical fitness. In addition to the increase in the number of female applicants, the admission rate will also increase compared with previous years.

The recruitment of cleaning temporary personnel is highly competitive, and fairness and justice are the most important. The Environmental Protection Bureau launched the anti-fraud system for the first time. When candidates report for registration, they use software to compare their head photos on the registration form and conduct face comparisons to confirm that the candidates are themselves. .

The cleaning work of the Environmental Protection Agency is mostly heavy work that requires physical strength, and the physical fitness racing test for carrying rice bags is the most fair and appropriate way.

Boys weigh 15kg, girls weigh 8kg, and the race distance is a total of 60 meters back and forth.

The candidate surnamed Wang who is making a comeback said that three years ago, he was almost able to hold a public job, and this year he is bound to succeed. After completing the registration, he began to train independently to run 60 meters carrying a 15 kg rice bag. He has practiced for a month. I tried my best and hoped that God would help me to realize my wish.

The Environmental Protection Bureau stated that the admission quota of 300 cleaning temporary personnel is of a "reserve nature" and is determined based on the estimated number of retirement vacancies. The admitted personnel will be distributed in order according to the actual vacancies of the Environmental Protection Bureau and the ranking of the admission group. .

The list of candidates for admission is scheduled to be announced on the Tainan City Environmental Protection Bureau website within 2 working days after the completion of the physical fitness test.

The Tainan City Environmental Protection Bureau recruited temporary cleaners. Mayor Huang Weizhe came to the scene to fire guns and cheer for the candidates.

(Provided by Tainan City Government)