Running around the world, spinning around Thailand

Today let's talk about the issue.

Misconceptions about exercise that you should know, which the SCG Sports page has given details.

already described in yesterday's issue

both faith

Running makes your legs bigger, lifting weights or weight training makes your muscles grow.

and refrain from drinking water to train endurance

which are all untrue

This time, let's continue with the remaining 2 items, starting from item 4. Belief: Sweating a lot means that you burn a lot of fat.

Our body cools down well.

But it's not that fat is excreted through sweat.

Which burns fat, how much is it?

It depends on the type of exercise.

and should exercise from 40-60 minutes or more

and Item 5. Belief: The more it hurts, the more you have to repeat that part of the exercise. Truth: Repeat the exercise to get rid of that pain.

It's very misunderstood.

because the injured muscles

Are recovering and adjusting to be ready to take on harder work than before

which requires 48 hours of rehabilitation time, so when an injury occurs

You should rest that part of the exercise for 1 day before you can start exercising that part again.

If you find yourself or someone close to you having false beliefs about exercise.

should understand again

In order to exercise effectively

image and method

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