Spanish police said six letter bombs sent in recent days appear to have been sent from the northern city of Valladolid. 

This was reported by the Reuters agency with reference to a source close to the investigation.

As you know, the explosive packages were sent, in particular, to the Prime Minister of the country, Pedro Sanchez, the Embassy of Ukraine in Madrid, a weapons manufacturing company, a military air base, a satellite company of the European Union, and the US Embassy from November 24 to December 2.

Most of them were neutralized, although an employee of the Ukrainian embassy was slightly injured as a result of the flash of one of the devices.

No one has been identified as the sender of the packages, said the source, who spoke on condition of anonymity to discuss the investigation.

We will remind, on Wednesday, November 30, an explosion rang out in the Embassy of Ukraine in Madrid.

As a result, one of the employees of the diplomatic agency was injured.

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