Disabled person Lin Yanying was unable to walk due to bacterial infection. He made his own "Dawn Heavy Cheesecake" and sold it to make a living. He was selected as an outstanding person with disabilities, and was awarded by Taitung County Magistrate Rao Qingling.

(Photo by reporter Huang Mingtang)

[Reporter Huang Mingtang/Taitung Report] The Taitung County Government used the public welfare lottery fund to hold the "2022 Taitung County International Day for the Disabled Commendation Ceremony" today (3rd).

Among them, Lin Yanying suffered from spinal cord lesions caused by bacterial infection, and walked out of the shadow of the illness. He created his own brand of "Dawn Heavy Cheesecake" and participated in the handicapped billiards competition and won the bronze medal in the international women's singles.

Rao Qingling said that in order to promote the fair participation of people with disabilities, the county government provides diversified innovative welfare services for people with disabilities and their caregivers in aspects such as life care, economic transportation, social participation, and assistive medical care. For the Taitung County Love Taxi Team, dial 55688 and press 9. This year, the establishment of the Taitung County Social Welfare Card Management Update System will be completed and the Love Companion Card will be issued.

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The opening ceremony of the commendation activity was sung by the women's choir group "PowerAngel". The singers Zheng Haojun and Fang Ling both encountered car accidents at the peak of their lives, resulting in paralysis of the lower body. However, they did not give up on themselves because of this. Instead, they encouraged others with their own experience, proving that even if mobility is inconvenient , can also sing Brave New World.

Outstanding persons with disabilities: Lin Yanying, Lin Ziyou, Chen Ziyu, Lin Jinyi, Lai Shuhui, Zeng Wucheng, Gao Zhilong, Zhang Xiumei, Lin Minghong, Song Yang.

Among them, Lin Yanying was unable to walk due to a bacterial infection. He created his own "Dawn Heavy Cheesecake" and sold it to make a living. With the encouragement of the former chairman of the Spinal Cord Injury Association, he engaged in handicapped billiards. He encountered bottlenecks in the process but never gave up. He won the 2017 Award Bronze medal in women's four-level singles at the Barcelona Open in Spain in 2010.

High performers in interdisciplinary services: Gu Taiju, Dong Jialin, Chen Qiuyuexiang, Jin Junhao, Zhuo Wenling, Tian Jieyu, Zhang Meixian, Huang Qihui, Lin Yuzhen, Hu Shuhui, Chen Jinghua, Cai Suzhu, Yang Huimei, Li Luozhengxi, Chen Meijuan, Yang Xiaoying, Liu Xiaolan, Cao Yanling.

The women's choir "PowerAngel" sang in a wheelchair.

(Photo by reporter Huang Mingtang)

Gu Taiju (right), a person with outstanding performance in inter-professional services, received the award from the county magistrate Rao Qingling.

(Photo by reporter Huang Mingtang)