KMT chairman Chu Li-lun attended the Thanksgiving Dinner of the Taipei City Party Headquarters on the 3rd. In response to Taipei City Councilor Qin Huizhu's revelation that she was persuaded by the party to "be a 24-hour backup pitcher", he said that Qin Huizhu also told him that she would fully support Wang Hongwei.

(Photo by reporter Tu Jianrong)

[Reporter Cai Sipei/Taipei Report] Taipei’s third constituency (Zhongshan, Beisongshan) legislators by-election will be voted in January next year. The KMT announced the recruitment of Taipei City Councilor Wang Hongwei to run, but Taipei City Councilor Qin Huizhu revealed that she was persuaded by high-level party members to participate Selected, complained that "I have been a 24-hour backup pitcher."

KMT chairman Chu Li-lun said today that he believes that every congressman and comrade in Taiwan will support Wang Hongwei with all his strength; Taipei mayor-elect Jiang Wanan also said that he is grateful for Qin Huizhu's understanding and assistance. The team battle of the Taipei team is everyone's mutual assistance.

The Taipei City Party Headquarters of the Kuomintang held a Thanksgiving Tea Party in Taipei today at the National Army Heroes Hall. Jiang Wanan, Zhu Lilun and KMT Taipei City Councilors were all present.

Before the meeting, Zhu Lilun was asked about Qin Huizhu's claim that he was a backup pitcher in the 24-hour by-election.

Zhu said that he believed that every city councilor and comrade in Taipei would fully support Wang Hongwei, and Qin Huizhu also told him that he would fully support Wang Hongwei.

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Zhu Lilun thanked everyone for their hard work, and Wang Hongwei was willing to take the responsibility in the end. Zhu also praised Wang for her hard work. After 16 years of deep rooting, the citizens of Taipei recognized her.

Zhu also said that everyone thinks that Wang Hongwei is the most appropriate and should have become the best legislator long ago. Everyone will give their full support in the process. Thank you Qin and everyone who worked hard together.

Jiang Wan'an said that a team meeting was specially called this morning, and the local director was asked to connect with Wang Hongwei's team immediately, and he would also give the most beneficial help at all levels.

He is also very grateful to Qin Huizhu for her understanding and assistance. The team battle of the Taipei team is to help and support each other, and to attack each other in the best battle position.

Jiang said that in the future, he will also have the best cooperation with Qin Huizhu to promote municipal development together.