Recently, the health problems of Russian President Vladimir Putin have once again become the focus of the world.


[Instant News/Comprehensive Report] Russian President Vladimir Putin (Vladimir Putin) has recently been exposed to health problems. First, at a meeting on November 28, he was photographed with his left foot continuously shaking strangely. Kimson's disease or cancer, recently it was revealed by the media that he accidentally fell down the stairs on November 30, and even defecated unconsciously because his tailbone touched the ground.

According to comprehensive foreign media reports, the well-known Russian opposition self-media "General SVR" recently broke the news on the social platform Telegram channel that the 70-year-old Putin fell down the stairs in his official residence in Moscow on the 30th of last month.

It is understood that Putin was about to go up the stairs at that time, but he accidentally stepped on the air, fell directly to the fifth step, and slid down the remaining second step because of turning over.

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General SVR pointed out that the three attendants on the side immediately rushed forward to help him to the nearest sofa and called the medical staff on duty in the mansion. However, Putin could not be checked immediately because of the previous violent impact. In addition, when he fell downstairs, he landed on his tailbone, which made him suffer from gastrointestinal tumors, so he had severe digestive problems, and he began to "defecate involuntarily".

In this regard, the medical staff first accompanied him to the bathroom to clean up, and then carried out relevant inspections.

General SVR pointed out that Putin was fine after a detailed examination, only the tailbone and the surrounding cartilage were bruised. "He can move independently, but the pain near the tailbone when sitting is the only thing that bothers him." .

The General SVR also mentioned that relevant units have launched a special investigation into the fall incident, "Putin is suspicious by nature, so he always wears special non-slip shoes. proves that all precautionary measures are futile when the mind is weak".

This incident also brought attention to Putin's health problems again. Since the Russo-Ukraine war, the outside world has often reported that his health has deteriorated because of his fragile and unstable expressions in public, and he has even been questioned. Diseases such as cancer and Parkinson's.

In addition, General SVR bluntly stated that "the president's poor physical and mental health will affect key decisions."