Finally, "World Cup 2022" has raced until all groups in the round of 32 teams from A to H have completed the Qatari school at 4 a.m. on Saturday morning, December 3.

A total of 16 teams will be knocked out in the next round according to the following dates and times.

Saturday, December 3, at 10:00 p.m., the Netherlands meets the United States and the second hit will be Argentina with the "Aussie" team or Australia, Dankangaroo.

Sunday, December 4th, at 10:00 p.m., is the queue of "Rooster" France, former champions with Poland, and at 2am will be the England national team, the Roaring Lion with Senegal from Africa.

Monday, December 5, at 10:00 p.m., Japan will face Croatia, a checkered team, and at 2:00 a.m., it will be the turn of “Teng 1” Brazil with South Korea's ginseng players.

Tuesday, December 6, at 10:00 p.m. Spain from the country of fierce bulls meets Morocco, another African Lion team and at 2am will be the final pair of this round between Foi Thong Portugal and the clock city players.


Ask for permission to bring it down as an honor for all teams that qualify, especially 2 teams from real Asia, Japan and South Korea, who have excellent kicks satisfying football fans around the world.

Especially us Asians together.

Japan has beaten both giants Germany and Spain without giving 2 thumbs up to like both.

How about 2 hands?

South Korea is not light, draws with Uruguay, loses to Ghana, but the last game cuts "Foi Thong" Portugal 2-1, breaks into the final with great fun.

Regardless of the round of 16 teams that South Korea will have to meet with "Teng 1" Brazil, what will be the result?

Or Japan, which meets "Teng 11" Croatia, what design will the result be?

Wins, "Cha Chaeng" will continue to laugh at the top of his voice, but if "lost" will still applaud with respect to the great hearts of both teams.

That can make "Asian people" fully stretch out their chests.

Not less than the people of other continents

write like this

Representative of another Asian team like Australia, don't be offended by "Chaeng", although he is somewhat satisfied

But it's not the most happy with Japan-Korea.

Because, after all, you are mostly foreigners.

and also in other continents

Just came to ask to jam with Asia only.

When he was happy with Asia, he would like to give comfort to the giants, the second favorite, one of the 16 teams that had to be eliminated first.

such as Germany, (Teng 6), Belgium (Teng 9), Denmark (Teng 10), Uruguay (Teng 12), Mexico (Teng 10), etc.

Especially the first 2 teams, I have to say that it's a pity, both Germany and Belgium, the real favorite "Sergeant Chaeng".

Come back to fit again, brother, 4 more years, then come and make excuses.