It's the last month of 2022 that many people say they can't keep up.

Because the days passed very quickly.

There are still a lot of things that need to be dealt with.

That should be carried over to next year.....

kind of feeling

“Time flies like wings” is in line with the teaching that time is a valuable “treasure” that everyone has equally, ie 24 hours a day, but have we used this “treasure” to our benefit or not? Let "time" be wasted because you think that there is still plenty of time -- and if you think like this

One day, many people meet with the word "too late" because there is no more "time".....

And about time in Buddhism, there is the dharma (six virtues of the Dhamma) or Akaliko, which means any action.

If we follow it completely when

saw the result then

and true all the time

It doesn't change with time -- As for anything that depends on time, there will be birth, change, and extinguish with time. But the Dharma is always true.....

Entering our Vibhavadi field, which has seen that the sacred objects that we worship to bind the mind

It has inherited the faith and trust for thousands of years.

After the Buddha's death

which may say

Can transcend time.....

  • The first one is

    Phra Somdej Bangkhunprom, printed Sangkhati, Wat Mai Amatarot, Phra Nakhon District, Bangkok

    . The real Buddha image is easy to see and has been seen for a long time.

    In many standard Phra Somdet textbooks..... The degree is a premium monk like this. Sia Max Chang Phuak, the current owner.

    So it's fragrant meat.....

Phra Somdej Bangkhunprom, Sangkhati print, Wat Mai Amatarot, by Mag Chang Phueak.

  • The second one is

    Phra Somdej Ket Chaiyo, type 6, chest layer, Chaiyo Worawihan Temple, Chaiyo District, Ang Thong Province


    with a symmetrical shape

    The standard amulet printing is correct and clear.....and the material that is the most popular material (bone meat), in total, is therefore the most popular amulet.

    In the family of Phra Somdej Wat Ketchaiyo

    with complete beauty

    with skin that passes through the touch, use lightly

    make him look good


Phra Somdet Ket Chaiyo, 6th floor type, Chest ton, Chaiyo Worawihan Temple, of Mr. Num.

  • The third one followed by

    Phra Khun Phaen, Pim Taek Lek, Wat Ban Krang, Si Prachan District, Suphan Buri Province

    , the best Phra Kru Muang Suphan.

    once created

    King Naresuan the Great

    raised the royal army from Ayutthaya to fight the elephant battle with Burma

    At Suphan Buri by Phra Ajarn Thammachot

    building ceremony

    to give to soldiers to worship and protect themselves in battle

    After the battle, the soldiers brought the amulet to be placed in the pagoda in the middle of the courtyard of Ban Krang Temple.....

Phra Khun Paen, small breast print, Ban Krang Temple, by Tong Suphan (Pichet Chimwai)

For several hundred years, the temple had become an abandoned temple.

When the pagoda in the middle of the courtyard collapsed, it was found

Buddha image made of terracotta, 5-sided shape, in front is a seated image in the attitude of subduing Mara.

In the top-khunphon arch

many designs and sizes

Many singles and couples.....was given the name "Phra Khun Paen" because there were merchants and boatmen who came to stay at the pier in front of the temple to stay overnight and come to rest in the temple courtyard.

When he finds the monk, he takes it back to use for worship.....and it shows the power of protection, protection against danger, mercy, great charm, great charm.


A young man and a young sailor who has no signs of having a mate has met a lot of miraculous they all believe that it is with the power of Ban Krang Temple that they use for worship.

Therefore, it is called Khun Phaen, the protagonist in literature who is skilled in the warrior nation.

Which the amulet has been widely popular as a front-line amulet of Suphan City, but then until now, this one of Sia Tong Suphan (Pichet Chimwai) is the first popular amulet of the dungeon -- original perfect condition like this, the price is In the middle hundred thousand.....

  • Next is

    Phra Kring Pawaret Noi.

    Somdet Phra Patriarch (Pae) ​​of Sia Tong Bang Khae

    , which contains text from the book

    "Phra Kring Siam" cover is Phra Kring Puwaret, Wat Bowonniwet, on the back cover is an image of a Buddha image in a Chinese cabin.....with inside, there are two images of this Kring Buddha image with the text under the image saying

    “Phra Kring Pawaret Noi

    (Phra Patriarch Phae) Wat Bowonniwet, which makes it suspect that the creator is

    "Supreme Patriarch Phae" or not because it is known that Phra Kring Pawaret belonged to Wat Bowon

    But the Supreme Patriarch (Pae) ​​lives at Wat Suthat -- who really knows, please tell me... or the newspaper is wrong.....

Phra Kring Pawaret Noi, Bowonniwet Temple, Tong Bang Khae

  • Next is

    a 5-block broken talisman, 1926, bronze material, Phra Phawanakosol (Luang Pu Iam), Nang Nang Temple

    , Bangkok. Grandfather

    because it indicates the year of creation, B.E. 2469, which is the year of his death

    Afraid that it was not in time for him to consecrate.....until he found a record of "Triyampawai" revealing that Phra Kru Kham and Phra Palad Chang

    Apprentice close to you. Asking for permission from Reverend Grandfather Iam.

    Made it as a souvenir after the first coin after the 4th talisman was sold out from the temple.....When Luang Pu approved, Nai Niam Changthong, the first coin maker

    Made a mold to create the back of the 5th version of the talisman coin by setting the design for the front to be a full body of Reverend Grandfather sitting in meditation.

    On the table, the lion's legs have a Kanok on the side as before.....

5 blocks broken talisman coin, BE 2469, Reverend Grandfather Iam, Nang Nang Temple of O Chotitham.

The back of the coin is different. It is a picture of the 5 talisman (the five gods, Namo, Phutthaya). The material is dark copper, black bronze, which Reverend Grandfather Iam calls "Bronze Lek".....made 1,000 coins and brought to the King. Blessed 3 months before his death. At present, it is popular as

second edition coin

It is difficult to find a real coin, genuine, beautiful, like this coin of Sia O Chotitham, as with the first 4 yantra back coins, but the price is still cheaper.

This condition is at the top million.

Which has a direct line. I want a lot.....

  • Another amulet of Sia Boy Bang Kruai, is a amulet, made of blackened copper


    1965 B.E.

    The edge of the side saw is the most popular like this, the price is in the middle hundred thousand to a million already.....

Medal of Honor, 1965, Reverend Grandfather Thuat, Wat Chang Hai, of Boy Bang Kruai.

  • Another item is a

    locket behind the Buddha powder, 1975, Phra Khru Phawanapirat (Luang Pu Tim Isariko), Laharn Rai Temple, Ban Khai District, Rayong Province,

    a specially created sacred object.

    It is a white-coated locket.....on the front is an image of the Lord wearing a robe that lowers his shoulders.


    surrounded by numeral characters

    The back contains the Phutthakun powder.

    pressed into a full mold of Luang Pu sitting in meditation

    .....Built only 22 pieces, this piece of Sia Thai Rath Kham Pan that is still in perfect condition.

    And the price is hundreds of thousands.....

Locket after filling the powder, 1975, Reverend Grandfather Tim, Lahan Rai Temple, of Thai Rath Kham Pan.

  • Finally, it is a

    tone Takrut, lacquered with love, Reverend Father Tha, Phaniang Taek Temple, Muang District, Nakhon Pathom Province,

    of Khun Benjawan Kraisawat, which fans have never been wrong.

    Hope with the sacred object amulet sent to watch

    because it's a good thing

    tells about the taste of accumulating in deep play

    I really this piece, it is a sacred object in the front row of Nakhon Pathom.

    Created by an immortal monk in the old era

    A person who has the knowledge of the Vedic Witthaya ..... There is a history recorded from the words of the disciple monk monks.

    All of which are famous as famous monks in the magic of Nakhon Pathom, such as Luang Pho Chaem, Ta Kong Temple, Luang Pho Wong (Phra Khru Phrom Wisut) of Thung Phak Kut Temple, Luang Pho Tae Kongthong, Sam Ngam Temple, etc. and from the evidence of a pair of photographs Fan Yot specified in R.E. 127 (BE 2452) Reverend Father Tha was from Photharam District, his father was of Lao descent.

    from Vientiane.....

Takrut Tone, lacquered, lacquered, Reverend Father Tha, Paniang Taek Temple, of Benjawan Kraisawat.

He was born around the year 2366 when he was 15 years old ordained as a novice.

and ordained at Wat Ban Khong

Study Vipassana Meditation

Puttakhom subjects from preceptors and monks from the Mon people for many years until they have expertise

Therefore, he was allowed to go on a pilgrimage and practice meditation in seclusion.

Entering the forest of Rukkhamun, he found many more monks teaching magic..... In the year 1874, he trekked to Phaniang Taek Sub-district while he was 51 years old and found an abandoned temple outside the city.

Therefore embroidered to stay overnight

Pray until the villagers meet

Seeing the practice of faith, he invited him to stay in the Buddhist Lent.

help you develop the temple

Building the ubosot and various ceremonies until it was completed in the year

B.E. 2430 .....and also helped villagers build many temples such as Wat Bang Luang, Wat Don Tao It, Wat Song Hong, making him famous.

Is respected in both Nakhon Pathom, Suphan Buri, Chainat, Phetchaburi, Ratchaburi and nearby provinces There are many people who come to ordain as novices at Pha Niang Temple.....until King Rama V

5 Knowing his honor, he always invites you to participate in important royal ceremonies, such as the funeral of Somdet Phra Maha Samanachao.

Krom Phraya Pawaret Wariyalongkorn--When King Rama V renovated Phra Pathom Chedi, he appointed Reverend Father Ta as the senior monk in the north.....

Reverend Father Ta is responsible for ruling the temple with mercy and charisma.


was feared by the hooligans of that era

Therefore, there has never been any gangster quarrels at Wat Pha Niang Taek's annual event.

Because Reverend Father will carry a staff to walk around the event.

is feared by various gangsters

Drunk people come to see you. Still drunk.

causing the villagers to call him

"Luang Por Suea"..... Throughout his lifetime he created amulets, amulets, sacred objects in many forms, all of which were famous and popular, such as the bronze eye amulet.

and Mek Phat texture, single and triangular

The first casting coin - the second generation ..... and the uniqueness is

Wooden Takruak with Braided Rope

Up front with Pirod pattern, lacquered and covered with gold, as a Takrut to create a name, exquisitely crafted with a unique braided hemp rope --

Like this flower, it is currently very popular and extremely rare, especially the flower in perfect condition.

Beautiful as usual.....It comes to the end of the style of our Buddha image.

Telling stories about the monks' cubicles at famous temples

Which has disciples sitting and waiting to meet every day to bring amulets and talismans for him to blow and consecrate, sprinkle holy water --

If the day is nearing the lottery, hundreds of people will come out.

because he believes that he has given accurate lucky numbers for many as well

They come together tightly, but one of them has a strange plump man.

by carrying a large pill box to sit and wait in front of me

Those who come to ask for numbers

Seeing as a new face, he said that he brought something to Luang Por Sek or.....the plump man with a dry smile said that it was a set of medicines "Meet, Give Away" that the government made for those who tested positive for COVID-19.

.....But I'm not sure that I can actually end the disease.

So I want to bring it to Luang Pho Sek to direct.

To fill your confidence, Amitta Buddha.

sink color