The latest report from the United States pointed out that people who smoke e-cigarettes have a tooth decay rate as high as 79%, and said that e-cigarette users should pay special attention to tooth cleaning.


[Instant News/Comprehensive Report] According to the latest research report in the United States, people who use e-cigarettes have a higher risk of tooth decay than those who do not smoke e-cigarettes, because the artificial sweeteners and flavorings added in e-liquid will adhere to the teeth form a breeding ground for bacteria.

The report pointed out that as many as 79% of the subjects in the e-cigarette group were classified as a high-risk group for tooth decay, and only 60% of the non-smoking subjects.

According to comprehensive foreign media reports, this report was published in the Journal of the American Dental Association (the Journal of the American Dental Association). The main author of the report, Dr. Karina Irusa, said that the e-cigarette oil will Teeth are covered with a sticky film of sugar, which causes bacteria to grow. This situation is like sleeping with a lollipop in your mouth. It is very easy to cause tooth decay, because sugar is the food that bacteria feed on.

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In addition, the purpose of adding artificial sweeteners and flavorings to e-cigarette oil is to produce different flavors, but when these things are atomized by a machine and inhaled into the mouth, they will stick to the teeth; the report also recommends that e-cigarette users Special dental treatment may be required, such as asking a doctor to prescribe a prescription, taking a stronger mouthwash and fluoride toothpaste to curb the chance of tooth decay.

These artificial flavors can affect even the safest places in your teeth, like the front teeth.

The position of the incisors is convenient for people to clean, and they are usually less prone to tooth decay. Due to the attachment of sweeteners, even the roots of the incisors are prone to tooth decay.

Dr. Iluza said e-cigarette juice could be the culprit, as its stickiness allowed the sugar to stay on the teeth for longer.

Dr. Iluza also said frankly that oral bacteria will continue to find food to allow themselves to reproduce in large numbers. If you choose to smoke electronic cigarettes, the bacteria will in turn feed on the electronic cigarettes you inhale in the next 10 hours, which will cause tooth decay .

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