Beliefs until the traditions, practices, practices, soaking in cold water or ice bathing have been around for a long time and in various forms, such as in cold countries, especially in winter, swimming in extreme cold.

To the point that he opened the ice cap and swam in the water.

and there are international associations, for example

International ice swimming association or international winter swimming association, each association will be determined to swim in water at -2 to 2 degrees, or between 2.1 to 5 degrees, or 5.1 to 9 degrees, etc.

Swimming in ice or cold water like this is like challenging the body.

to be able to make adjustments

This includes all organs and the brain.

To adjust to maintain the heat balance in the body.

Where the body has a control system for ventilation or heat generation and storage, such as through the skin, which is linked to the blood vessels in the fat layer and is stretched as appropriate.

But in the delicate parts of the body, such as the hands, feet, nose and ears, there will be another group of blood vessels that are not the same, so it is easily affected when exposed to cold.

The other mechanism is shivering, which generates additional heat.

The body's muscles contract via temperature regulation in the brain, similar to that of a brain thermostat.


Brown adipose tissue is another heat-generating process.

(mitochondria) so can generate heat

triglyceride lipid metabolism (via uncoupling mitochondrial electron transport and noradrenaline-induced membrane depolarization and sodium pumping)

Built-in thermal control that responds to cool temperatures

It also depends on sex, age and may play a role in genetics involved as well.

The health effects of cold exposure were reported in the October 2022 international journal of circumpolar health and were analyzed from 728 reports, screening down to 104 that were complete and appropriate for health effects.

There was a decrease in the ratio between ApoB (bad) and ApoA1 (good), decreased levels of homocysteine ​​(meaning good), and blood cortisol levels.

Decreased insulin levels and oxidative stress levels


There is an increase in the levels of several thyroid hormones.

There are changes in the immune system in the T cells, including cytokines, and the response to insulin is improved, for example.

Improved risk indicators for cardiovascular disease

Including mechanisms for burning fat and respiration while working.

However, these data cannot be concluded that

It is a mechanism for medical science to the fullest.

But there may be support of the benefits that will be obtained.

From leaping, swimming, diving into the cold water.

Which should have to be careful of the harmful effects on health that cause the body to cool down

(hypothermia) by self-assessment first

The experts in this field have advised that

If you start with cold water like this

Try starting with a hot shower.

And in a cold city, gradually lower the temperature for 30 to 60 seconds

until you get used to it and feel energized. There's no need to warm up first.

Or when exercising strenuously, go straight into a cold shower.

Thailand itself would be difficult.

Because it's a warm or hot shower from the tap water

when starting to stay

Try taking a shower by adding ice to adjust the temperature to 10 to 15 Celsius. This way, athletes who are injured, whether tendons, bones, joints or muscles.

They have been using this method for a long time.

Or, in many of the movies we watch, injuries are rehabilitated by immersing in an ice bath.

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We might ask a question to the doctor.

Didn't the doctor just say that?

Let's go to...a hot sauna and clear your brain.

All of these may be referred to as

"Different things are the same", that is, in the matter of heat treatment, it has been a long tradition as well in Norway, Japan, Asia, but the scientific mechanism at first thought that exposure to heat of 50 degrees Celsius should be stressful. and the cell's powerhouse, the mitochondria.

and affect the waste disposal system, which is caused by proteins clumping together and causing toxicity

But it turns out that the heat makes this system better.

And it turns out to unravel the protein back into something good and can be used again. In this case, it may be possible in the case of coldness at this level.

by using the same or similar mechanism

In many countries or in onsen, it is found that when bathing, bathing or saunas are fully heated.

will end up in the cold water

which many of us have probably been through and feel a bit more or less rejuvenated

brought to tell all this

For knowledge and understanding and should be useful in maintaining health without relying mainly on drugs.

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